Dec 18. 2008

HUAWEI Unveils World's First Notebook-embedded 3G Module to Support Microsoft Windows 7

[Beijing, 4 December 2008] HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. ("HUAWEI"), a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions worldwide, unveiled its new portfolio of mobile broadband solutions that are Windows 7 compatible this week at the 2008 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Beijing.

The centrepiece among this new suite of solutions is the world's first high-speed notebook-embedded 3G module that supports Microsoft Windows 7 – HUAWEI's EM770. The EM770 3G module delivers uplink speeds of 5.76 Mbps and it has already been integrated into notebooks manufactured by ASUSTek Computer Inc. and Elitegroup Computer Systems. When Windows 7 is launched, consumers can run the system on their notebook by simply embedding the EM770 module.

In cooperation with Microsoft, HUAWEI has also upgraded its USB modems to support the mobile broadband architecture in Windows 7. HUAWEI's E230 (the world's smallest USB modem) and the E180 (the world's first USB stick featuring a rotary connector) can now deliver a high-quality, integrated and reliable user experience on Windows 7.

HUAWEI has been dedicated to product innovation since it released its first mobile broadband product in 2004 and we have continued to develop ground-breaking innovations, including the first ever USB modem to support mobile TV – the E510 – which was released this year. The total shipment of mobile broadband products by HUAWEI has now exceeded 20 million units worldwide. Servicing 235 carriers in 115 countries, HUAWEI's mobile products are ranked No.1 in global market share.

"We are pleased to collabourate with HUAWEI, a well-recognised worldwide network equipment vendor, to help support the mobile broadband user experience in Windows 7. This collabouration enables HUAWEI's mobile broadband customers to benefit from the native mobile broadband service offered in Windows 7," said Gary S. Greenbaum, Director of Business Development for Windows Networking.

Su Jie, Director of HUAWEI's mobile broadband product line said: "We are delighted to build this relationship with Windows Mobile Broadband. In 2008, HUAWEI's R&D teams have been developing a high-quality mobile broadband driver for Windows 7 that will provide a simplified and stable experience for wireless network access for our mobile broadband customers."