Dec 07. 2009

HUAWEI's E5 Wireless Modem Enjoys Brisk Sales

20,000 Units Sold in Just One Month with Orders from 30 Global Operators

Shenzhen, China, 7thDecember 2009: In just nine months since its launch at Mobile World Congress in February 2009, HUAWEI is spearheading the global mobile internet experience with its E5 wireless modem. To date, up to 30 operators around the world have placed orders with HUAWEI Device for E5 modems customised for local markets. In the UK, Hong Kong, and Japan alone, (the world's primary 3G consumers), monthly E5 sales have exceeded 20000 units.

The HUAWEI E5 is a centre of personal connection device and the ideal mobile broadband solution for business people wanting high-speed wireless connectivity, anytime, anywhere, and offers a superior user experience. Simply by turning on the Wi-Fi switch, users can enjoy immediate access to a high-speed mobile broadband network, without needing to carry around a bulky internet cable. With the E5 users can automatically create group internet access and individual Wi-Fi hotspots, wirelessly connecting to various devices, such as notebooks, digital cameras, and games consoles; play games online and transfer pictures.

The E5 fits easily into the user's pocket or handbag, offering Wi-Fi wireless connectivity at their fingertips, and even functions as a storage device equipped with a microSD card with a storage capacity of up to 32 GB.

World-leading operators are looking for differentiated and innovative products to profit more from the increasingly saturated terminals market, and without doubt, HUAWEI's future-proof E5 wireless modem is set to satisfy the needs of both operators and consumers. So far, the powerful device has achieved impressive market performance in countries and regions that have a history of collabouration between HUAWEI and local operators.

As a leader and innovator in Mobile Broadband, 3 UK quickly recognised the potential of Mobile Wifi and were the first to market in September 09. Even in Japan, a highly competitive market with a mobile penetration rate of over 120%, HUAWEI's E5 wireless modems have gained favour from the top operator in the data card, E-Mobile.According to GFK Japan report, D25HW ranks No.1 in the data card category during the latest sales week. Hong Kong-based operator, PCCW, the first operator in the Asia- Pacific region to release the E5 modem, has also been successful with higher unit sales than anticipated. Whilst in the Middle East, Etisalat was the first operator to launch the E5 in October 2009.

"In addition to the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Middle East, the E5 will soon be available in Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, and Ireland in Europe; Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore in Asia-Pac; the UAE and Kuwait in MENA, and even as far as Mozambique and Kenya in Southern Africa," said Glory Cheung,HUAWEI Device spokesperson. "The market success of HUAWEI's E5 is largely due to the advanced technology of HUAWEI Device and its innovative form factors that combine to fit consumers' desire for wireless internet access combined with style. As a leader in the operator resales market, HUAWEI Device is committed to becoming a trusted terminal partner of global operators, providing operators and consumers with a rich set of network terminals."