Dec 22. 2010

HUAWEI launched LGA wireless Module for smart device through communication technology

The world’s leading communication device provider HUAWEI launched a series of wireless module with the interface of LGA (Land Grid Array) recently to satisfy the large-scale production requirements and accelerate the convergence between diverse industries and communication.

With the fast growth of the CE device such as tablet , ebook, DPF, MID etc…Users expect more and more diverse experience, Networking, Portable and Wireless is the trend of CE devices. With the support of communication technologies, end users can enjoy more and more services.

HUAWEI LGA wireless module with the features of light, thin and small is suitable for integration and scale production of CE devices, and help CE devices realize "Mobile internet".

HUAWEI LGA wireless module is also suitable for telematics application, the aseismatic feature adapt to the automotive environment. It can be easy integrated into telematics devices such as navigator, anti-theft devices, PND to realize the smart applications and improve safety and entertainment functions. HUAWEI LGA wireless module can be used for the other Industries including smart metering, wireless POS, video surveilliance, remote monitoring etc…

It is reported that, the module business of HUAWEI Device is dedicated to promote the convergence between the diverse industries and communication, and help industry customers success.