Nov 02. 2011

The world's smallest PA+ data card, HUAWEI E369, Officially Goes Commercial

[October 28th 2011, Shenzhen] Huawei Device, the leading brand in the field of global mobile broadband and convergence terminals, has recently announced the release of the world’s smallest PA+ data card, the E369. The E369 is a data card specially tailored for ultra-thin notebook computers like the Macbook Air. It has a compact, sleek, stylish exterior, with its 65 mm x 24.5 mm x 8 mm dimensions making it look particularly attractive when placed alongside the Macbook Air.

In addition, the material quality of the E369’s metallic feel, as well as its classic pale grey colour have all been meticulously considered. The magnetic USB cap is another feature, preventing loss as well as highlighting the E369’s classic elegance. The different coloured outer shells give the consumer more choices, allowing the consumer to change colour according to their mood, even enjoying a new colour every day.

Aside from its striking exterior, the E369 also has powerful internal functions. The 21 Mbps download speed makes for a great surfing experience and the UMTS penta-band design supports global roaming, making it particularly suited to businesspeople who take frequent business trips. As for power consumption, a lot of effort has been put into the E369. It uses an energy saving solution design, saving 30% more power compared to normal 21 Mbps data cards, and even extending a notebook computer’s battery life by more than an hour.

Liu Xiaobin, vice president of Huawei Device’s mobile broadband product line, said: "As the world leader in mobile broadband terminals, Huawei Device has always been committed to providing the consumer with innovative and practical products. The E369 is our data cards’ first foray into the world of consumer electronics. Previously, our data cards were sold mostly through telecommunications operators, but this product will be sold more openly through the market, we will then see what types of products consumers on the open market like, so that in the future we can give the consumers more value, and a better and more competitive product."

It is understood that the E369 follow-up may also integrate Huawei’s cloud service, providing the consumer with the newly-fashionable cloud experience. In the future, the E369 will continue to go on sale all over the world, and mainland Chinese consumers will be the first to have the opportunity to buy this product.