Aug 18. 2011

[Basingstoke, UK, August 19, 2011] HUAWEI, a leading telecoms solution provider, is pleased to announce a partnership with leading UK specialist mobile phone retailer Phones 4U that will see HUAWEI’s hotly-anticipated Blaze and Vision smartphones availabl

August 15th 2011, Shenzhen. -- On August 15th, China Unicom and Huawei held a joint vehicle telematics seminar in Shenzhen, with over 40 enterprises including the head unit system integrators, terminal products vendors, content providers, and service providers all gathered together in one room. At the seminar, the LGA wireless communication module MU509 released by Huawei received the acclaim of experts from all sides.

Since 2008 Huawei, as China Unicom’s strategic partner in the field of in-car technology, has cooperated with China Unicom to focus the power of the industry chain and vigorously drive the large-scale expansion and intelligentization of China’s vehicle telematics market.

Liu Xiaobin, vice president of Huawei Device’s mobile broadband product line, stated: "’Vehicle Telecommunications and Informatics’ is a crucial direction for Huawei Device’s M2M strategy. Huawei is prepared to cooperate closely with the entire industry chain including integrators, head unit system integrators, mobile network operators, chip plants, and content providers to expand the entire vehicle telematics market and drive the development of the vehicle telematics industry according to the principles of ’openness’, ’cooperation’, and ’mutual benefit’.

It is understood that Huawei’s wireless communication module service has accumulated a wealth of experience in the in-car market over the last few years and is able to meet the requirements of the in-car industry in a number of ways, such as: supporting multiple operating systems, meeting the in-car standard quality system (such as TS16949), in-car reliability standards (such as ISO16750), FAE (field application engineer) support teams, and complying with strict test standards. At the same time, Huawei’s wireless communication module service is equipped with improved product authentication and access capabilities as well as a wide range of test lab resources, and so is able to provide effective multi-directional support and services to China Unicom and partners in the in-car industry.

Vehicle telematics organically applies advanced sensor technology, communication technology, data processing technology, network technology, automatic control technology, and information release technology to the entire communication transport management system, establishing a real-time, accurate, and efficient communication transport integrated management and control system. Through the car it is able to collect, process, and share large amounts of information, with car-road, car-car, and car-to city networks achieving interconnection thereby ensuring smarter, safer driving. Vehicle telematics is also a crucial component of the Internet of Things that China is in the process of constructing. The Twelfth Five-Year Plan clearly states that the Internet of Things will take the lead in fields such as smart grids, smart communication, smart logistics, finance, and the service industry, focusing on deployment. With the popularization of 3G technology, the development of smart navigation and driver-vehicle interaction technology is starting to gather pace in the field of car intelligentization. As part of this industry trend, the domestic vehicle telematics industry also welcomes the opportunity for its own large-scale expansion.

Huawei possesses world-leading technological capabilities in the in-car industry. In this field, Huawei’s LGA wireless communication module series makes use of LGA (land grid array) packing technology; its light, thin, compact features as well as its excellent shock resistance perfectly suited to the in-car mobile environment. Meanwhile, the head unit, in-car alarm, PND (portable navigation device), and other such in-car equipment, whether installed before or after the car leaves the plant, can all conveniently integrate LGA communication modules, thereby bringing about in-car intelligentization and greatly improving car safety and in-car entertainment. The LGA module MU509 released at this seminar measures 30 mm x 30 mm x 2.6 mm, weighs 5.5 grams, and supports multiple operating systems with downlink rates of 3.6 Mbps such as the WCDMA network and Windows XP/Vista/Linux/WinCE/Android. Industry experts say that Huawei’s LGA wireless communication module is invaluable to the integration of the in-car module into the car plant production process and to large-scale production, and that once large-scale expansion is begun, Huawei’s LGA wireless communication module is sure to drive the rapid development of the entire Chinese vehicle telematics market.