Jul 14. 2011

Huawei Leads the World's first NFC Technology with Turkcell T20 Smartphone

İstanbul, Turkey, 12 July 2011– Huawei, a leading telecom solutions provider, and Turkcell, the leading communications and technology company in Turkey, today announced the official launch of the T20 smartphone, the world’s first commercially-available, UICC ("Universal Integrated Circuit Card"), NFC - SWP (Near Field Communication) ("Single Wire Protocol") android based device, which supports mobile contactless payments and NFC applications on the Android platform. Consumers will be using their T20 to make payments, info sharing, v-card transfer, digital advertisements, personal-company ID card, e-ticket, tag reader etc.

NFC technology enables two devices - that are no more than four inches apart – to wirelessly transfer (send and receive) small amounts of data between them. Turkcell’s T20 smartphone can be configured to work as a credit or debit card. To make a purchase, a consumer only needs to tap their device on an NFC-enabled payment terminal.

"NFC is a truly exciting technology, that, when fully realized, will enhance every aspect of the mobile Internet experience for consumers, including simpler social networking, faster wireless connections, more security and expanded eCommerce options," Mr. Anıl Öztekin said, Turkcell Sales Director, Huawei Turkey Terminal Department. "In the area of eCommerce, Turkcell’s T20 smartphone is a revolutionary step forward for the industry – one we believe consumers are eager to embrace. There is a perfect synchronized team play among Turkcell and Huawei engineers behind this success. We all worked hard nights and days against time to be the first who will reach the finish line and achieved."

Turkcell Chief Product and Service Management Officer, Cenk Bayrakdar, commented: "As the successor of Turkcell’s first own branded handset T10, we are proud to announce our new handset T20 with NFC functionality that will be a key factor for increasing the penetration of NFC services to the Turkish market. One of the main objectives of Turkcell Cep-T Cüzdan is to introduce mobile contactless innovations, which are market firsts, both on a local and global scale. Turkcell, working with MasterCard and Huawei, is the first mobile operator in the world that presents more than one application on the T20. In addition, Turkcell subscribers benefit from a multi-application platform and Cep-T Cüzdan succeeds in realising mobile wallet vision commercially in a standardised manner."

T20 – Huawei technology customized for Turkcell

The T20 is customized from the popular Huawei Sonic. It offers excellent mobile Internet experiences, a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen, an intuitive keyboard, and a 5.0 megapixel camera. The Qualcomm multiband audio dynamic range control (MBADRC) chipset provides high music and voice quality and the Dual Mic enables the detection and reduction of noise pollution. T20 comes pre-installed with the Android Market and its 100,000+ applications. It can also support RFID reading.