Jun 15. 2011

HUAWEI introduces in a special gala the IDEOS X5 brought to market in partnership with Turkcell and KVK

Overturning the performance / price balance with its IDEOS brand Android phones, Huawei introduces the ingeniously smart Android IDEOS X5 in partnership with Turkcell and KVK.

One of the world’s top five manufacturers of Android-based phones, Huawei introduced to the business world and elite society the IDEOS X5 Android telephone it brought on the market in partnership with Turkcell and KVK. The invitees had a pleasant evening with DJ Ozan Doğulu in the gala that took place in the upper garden of the Adile Sultan Palace.

IDEOS X5 available at Turkcell Communication Centres with Turkcell advantages for the first time in Turkey!

Huawei is introducing the ingeniously smart IDEOS X5 to consumers at Turkcell Communication Centres as of 10 June for the first time in Turkey! The device will be available to Turkcell customers at easy payment terms of TL36 x 24 months and 250 MB of free Internet each month to boot! Huawei will sell its other model, the IDEOS, for an accessible price of TL27 x 24 months and a monthly 250 MB of free Internet with the catch phrase “Smart Device, Simple World”

The Huawei IDEOS family of products will be available at KVK-affiliated Turkcell dealers at zero-interest installments up to 9 months on credit cards issued by Yapı Kredi, İş Bank, Finansbank, Akbank, Garanti Bank, HSBC, and Citibank. The IDEOS X5 will carry a price tag of TL569 up front and the IDEOS TL399.

Recommending "Android smart phones for all instead of cell phones," particularly the world’s first affordable and accessible HSDPA Android 2.2 smart phone IDEOS, Huawei’s General Manager Philip Zhihui Liang addressed the assembly at the gala. Emphasizing that Huawei targeted the "Ten Million Club" in 2011, Liang said, "Huawei is listed as Fortune Global top 500 company in 2010. We have already launched IDEOS product family and it has been very successful and today at first quarter 2011, we have reached 2.3 million units of smartphone shipment in global. In Turkey, we have already reached 10% smartphone market share with ODM business. Smart phone penetration in Turkey currently lags behind Europe and America. We believe the share of smart phones will climb rapidly in 2011 and we’re very pleased with the partnership we started with Turkcell and KVK in preparation for this. We’re going to stand out from the competition by bringing affordable and accessible smart phones to the masses in Turkey with "Smart device, Simple World" concept.

Huawei Turkey Device Management Marketing Director Bilgin Demir noted that the company had the goal of becoming a brand that figured prominently in market shares by increasing their sales in Turkey. Demir said, "We have faith in our partnership with Turkey’s largest distributor KVK and leading operator Turkcell. We’re confident that we’ll be contributing to the globally rising sales figures of Huawei smart phones with the success the Huawei IDEOS family will find in Turkey. We target making the top three in terms of market share for the total number of all smart phones we bring into Turkey. Next to our launch in Turkey, we’ll be introducing the IDEOS family of products to consumers in Central Asia and the Caucasus with different operators. We know that we’re going to overturn the price / performance balance in smart phones in Turkey with these products. We’ll continue making life simpler with our new products and models catering to the specific requirements of the consumers in the times ahead."

KVK Teknoloji General Manager Bülent Çavuşoğlu remarked in his speech that the Chinese economy had grown increasingly bigger and was among the world’s leading economies at present. Declaring his company’s satisfaction at partnering with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, Çavuşoğlu said, "We at KVK target retaining our position of leadership in the industry and raising our market share by means of new partnerships. I think the IDEOS family has brought great richness and distinction to our product range."