Solve the problem of unstable phone signals

Applicable products: Honor,HUAWEI
Applicable products:
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If the network connection is unstable or even shows "×"on top of the signal bar icon "", we suggest you to try the following methods:

1. Avoid using metal protective covers, as metal objects may impair signal reception:

Protective cases made of metal could interfere with the signal. If you use this kind of protective case, we suggest you to remove it and check whether the signal is still unstable.

2. Use your phone in another location:

If you are in an area with abnormal signal, we suggest you to move to another spacious location and check whether the signal is still unstable.

3. Reset network settings:

To Reset network settings, follow the path of Settings > System > Reset > Reset network settings. Enter the Lock screen password, then click on Reset network settings.
Note: All connecting records of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth will be deleted after resetting the network settings, so please back up the data which you would like to retain.

4. Change to another SIM Card:

If the SIM Card is faulty, the signal could also be interrupted. We suggest you to change to another SIM Card of Telcom Provider, or put this SIM Card into another phone to check whether the issue still persists.
If the signal icon shows", we suggest you to go to your network service provider for diagnosis and change to a new SIM Card.

If the issue still persists, please back up your data and bring the phone to the nearby Huawei Customer Service Center for diagnosis with the Proof of Purchase.

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