Use Smart Remote to Control Your Home Electronics

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Applicable products:
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Use Smart Remote to Control Your Home Electronics

Use Smart Remote to add, customize, and set up remote controls, allowing effortless control of your electronic appliances through your phone.

  • For aesthetic reasons, your Phone's infrared sensor is embedded within the device. This means that the angle of effectiveness is smaller compared to most remote controls at around 0–45°. When attempting to control a device via remote, point the infrared transmitter on the top of the Phone directly at the target appliance.
  • To avoid excess power consumption, the power output of your Phone's infrared transmitter is lower than in most remote controls, with an effective range of no greater than 7 meters.

Customize a remote control: Open Smart Remote, touch > Customize , select the controller template, and touch the gray button to learn controller functions. During learning, keep the Phone and remote control still and at a distance of around 5 cm from each other. Keep the button held for at least 2 seconds.

Air-conditioner remote controls do not support customization.

Set up a remote control: Open Smart Remote, touch Settings, and enable or disable button sounds and vibration.

When you want to take group photos, don't worry about having to use a camera remote control or timer. Use Smart Remote on your Phone to capture special moments with ease.

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