The battery level drops when being charged

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The battery level drops when being charged

If the battery level doesn't change or even keeps dropping while being charged, it may be because the charging speed is slower than the draining speed. Perform the following to troubleshoot:

Make sure you are using an official Huawei charger and USB cable.

When you use a non-official charger or data cable, or connect to a computer via a USB cable to charge your phone/tablet, the output current may not be able to offset the power consumption of your phone/tablet, resulting in the power draining.

Use an official Huawei charger and data cable to charge your phone/tablet. It is not recommended that you charge your phone/tablet via the USB port of your computer.

Check whether there are foreign objects in the data cable port or charging port, or whether the port is loose or in poor contact.

If there are foreign objects in the port or if the port is loose, resulting in poor contact between the phone/tablet and the data cable, the output current of the charger may decrease and not offset the power consumption of the phone/tablet.

Make sure the charging port is clean and the port connection is stable before charging your phone/tablet.

Check whether any power-intensive apps are running on your phone/tablet when it is charging.

If power-intensive apps (such as camera, video, and game apps) are running when your device is charging, the charging speed may be slower than the power draining speed. In addition, when the ambient temperature is high, running power-intensive apps while charging may cause your phone/tablet to overheat. Due to the special overheating protection design, the charging current may decrease when the device temperature increases. In this case, your device will not be able to be charged or the charging level will decrease.

  • It is recommended that you power off your phone/tablet while charging. If it can be charged normally when powered off, restart your device or close all background apps and try again. Uninstall any power-intensive apps that you do not frequently use.
  • It is recommended that you do not use your phone/tablet while charging it in a high-temperature environment.

If the issue persists

If the issue persists, back up important data and bring your phone/tablet, charger, data cable, and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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