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Picture Perfect

With ultra-low light shooting and
new personalized photography features,
every picture you take with the HUAWEI G8
will be a picture perfect memory to treasure.

  • Ultra-Low Light

  • Personalized Photography

Your Finger,
Your Smartphone.

A simple touch on the HUAWEI G8
brings it to life instantly.
The next generation of fingerprint
ID technology makes ultra-rapid and
fully secure identification a reality.

  • Faster

  • More Accurate

  • More Convenient

  • More Secure

The Full-Metal Experience

The classy, all-metal integrated body
of the HUAWEI G8 brings more beauty
and more balance to your life.

  • 90% Metal

  • 2.5D
    Cambered Surface

  • 5.5” FHD Screen

  • Sapphire Lens

  • Six-Speaker
    Sound Holes

Faster, Longer, Better

The HUAWEI G8 offers superb
connectivity and a more powerful battery,
which means longer hours staying connected,
and a much better companion.

Twice As Good

Two antennas mean twice as
much connectivity. Thanks to dual antenna
smart switching you won’t have to worry
about losing your signal again.