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      All for One, One for All

      The HUAWEI MateBook was never meant to be a solitary piece of technology. Compatible with HUAWEI Mate and P series smartphones, you can perform a simple drag and drop operation to transfer files between your HUAWEI MateBook and phone.

      Always keep your cool

      The HUAWEI MateBook is never too hot to handle. By using the world’s top graphene synthetics combined with HUAWEI’s unique 8-layer heat transfer technology, you get hours of uninterrupted use without losing your “cool.”

      Secured by your touch

      The HUAWEI MateBook boasts one the most secure file storage systems in the industry. But, just because it’s secure doesn’t mean it requires a complicated access procedure. In fact, HUAWEI MateBook is the world’s first laptop that comes equipped with a side fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock with a single touch.

      A Device with Heart and Soul

      The HUAWEI MateBook offers you the power of a desktop with the portability of a smartphone. Its lightweight but powerful design allows you to connect with a variety of devices and accessories, making it a versatile addition to your life.