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      Revolutionary ARM Cortex A73 CPU, with a four-core A73 2.4 GHz and four-core A53 1.8 GHz CPU, delivering 18% faster performance.*

      *compared to Kirin 950


      *compared to Kirin 950


      *compared to Kirin 950


      **based on HUAWEI lab test result comparing against HUAWEI Mate 8

      3D API

      ***compared to OpenGL

      Android core components optimization
      Android core components optimisation

      The new F2FS file system improves the I / O storage performance. This speeds up the database engine allowing pictures to load more smoothly. The optimised performance of the rendering engine gives better control and a faster reaction to your touch.

      The HUAWEI Mate 9 automatically manages resources by prioritising CPU, RAM and ROM for optimal performance and closes memory intensive background apps. Within the CPU, fine-grained scheduling maximises computing efficiency. For RAM, it automatically recycles memory resources, creating more memory for priority apps and enabling stutter-free performance. And for ROM, it opens an exclusive channel of Storage I / O making the apps you use the most work even faster.