Picture Perfect

With ultra-low light shooting and
new personalised photography features,
every picture you take with the HUAWEI G8
will be a picture perfect memory to treasure.

  • Ultra-Low Light

  • Personalised Photography

Your Finger,
Your Smartphone.

A simple touch on the HUAWEI G8
brings it to life instantly.
The next generation of fingerprint
ID technology makes ultra-rapid and
fully secure identification a reality.

  • Faster

  • More Accurate

  • More Convenient

  • More Secure

The Full-Metal Experience

The classy, all-metal integrated body
of the HUAWEI G8 brings more beauty
and more balance to your life.
*The sapphire camera protective lens
related in this website is an
artificial synthesis sapphire lens.

  • 90% Metal

  • 2.5D
    Cambered Surface

  • 5.5” FHD Screen

  • Sapphire Lens

  • Six-Speaker
    Sound Holes

Faster, Longer, Better

The HUAWEI G8 offers superb
connectivity and a more powerful battery,
which means longer hours staying connected,
and a much better companion.

Faster, Longer, Better

Twice As Good

Two antennas mean twice as
much connectivity. Thanks to dual antenna
smart switching you won’t have to worry
about losing your signal again.