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Due to organizational changes within the HUAWEI group of companies, HUAWEI ID service will be transferred on May 20, 2018 from HUAWEI Device Co., Ltd to Aspiegel Limited, a HUAWEI subsidiary in Ireland.
This change only applies to HUAWEI ID users in the following regions: Asia (China Mainland, Japan and Korea are not included), Oceania, Africa, Middle East and Latin American.

1. What is this change and how does it impact your rights under the user agreement you have?

HUAWEI is always looking for ways to make your experience with us the best. In order to be more efficient and bring you the best of services and content, HUAWEI restructured some of its business operations globally. A HUAWEI fully owned subsidiary named Aspiegel Limited, located in the Republic of Ireland, is running our global business operations and development outside of mainland China across all HUAWEI Consumer Mobile Services.

As a result, your HUAWEI online Mobile Services’ accounts (HUAWEI ID), will be transferred to Aspiegel Limited. Aspiegel is responsible for the relationship with you, our customer, and in charge of protecting your data as a contracting party and data controller. Aspiegel will take over all legal responsibilities and obligations for our relationship with you, from HUAWEI Device Co., Ltd.

All your rights and our obligations will be transferred as is. Moreover, if you are a HUAWEI consumer living in a country of these regions, your national law will apply when it provides mandatory and stronger protection to you. This change only affects the HUAWEI Mobile Services (previously known as HUAWEI ID. It will not change the way you use our services, neither will it affect your device guarantee or warranty, or how you use your device today.

2. How does this change affect your data protection and privacy rights?

There is no impact on your privacy with this change. Your personal data entrusted to us will continue to be processed as it was in accordance with applicable laws, in data centers in Singapore, and it shall remain there.

3. Does this change require any action from you?

No, you don’t have to take any action. You can continue to use our services just as before, and we will also introduce new services. Only in the event that you want to opt out of this change, will you need to take action to delete your HUAWEI ID account as explained below.

4. When did this change take place?

This change will happen on May 20th, 2018. If you do not wish to continue with Aspiegel, you can opt-out by deleting your HUAWEI ID account.

5. How can you opt out of this change?

If you don’t wish to continue with Aspiegel Limited you can terminate your user agreements by deleting your HUAWEI ID account at any time.
Following are the instructions for mobile phones: Go to Settings > HUAWEI ID > log in (if you are not currently logged in) > go to Settings > Delete account.

Following are the instructions for the official website: Go to > log in with your HUAWEI ID > go to Set > Delete account.

By opting out, your HUAWEI ID and HUAWEI Cloud information such as your synced and backed up photos, contacts and files on the Cloud, will be deleted and irrecoverable even when you create a new HUAWEI ID, You will also be unable to use our Mobile Services until you create a new HUAWEI ID. But you can use the basic functions as normal such as make phone call, short message, take photo, etc.

If you still encounter difficulties of deleting your account, please contact us at We will take steps to make sure you are the legitimate account owner before deleting your account.

Date: 2018-05-01