Inserting a SIM card and microSD card

Our phone's 2-in-1 card slot is located on the upper left side of the phone. You can insert 2 nano-SIM cards, or 1 nano-SIM card and 1 microSD card.


● Your phone only supports nano-SIM cards. Contact your carrier for a new or replacement nano-SIM card.

● Only use standard nano-SIM cards to avoid damaging the SIM card tray.

● Ensure that the card is in the correct position and keep the card tray level when inserting it into your phone.

● Be careful not to hurt yourself or damage your phone when using the SIM eject pin.

● Store the SIM eject pin out of the reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing or injury.

Step 1   Press and hold the power button, and then select to turn off your phone.

Step 2   To remove the card tray, insert the SIM eject PIN included with your phone into the small hole next to the card tray.

Step 3   Insert a SIM card or microSD card into the card tray.

Step 4   Insert the card tray back into your phone in the correct orientation.

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