AI as the Eye

HUAWEI P20 Pro's artificial intelligence technology

Would you believe a visually impaired person took these photographs?

HUAWEI together with Malaysian Association for the Blind and Plus Community produced a three-month “Sensory Photography” --“Be My Eye”, showcasing the visually impaired learning about Sensory Photography and AI. A group of visually impaired individuals and MAB students were encouraged to use photography as a medium to express themselves as well as envision their surroundings.

HUAWEI Malaysian Association for the Blind Plus Community

Aiming to empower the visually impaired with a new skill, 10 Sensory Photography classes were conducted by Malaysian photographer David Lok, founder of DL Studios, who taught the participants the basics of light, shadows, forms and textures, and how to better tell their stories using the HUAWEI P20 Pro's camera.

Students got to know their new companion- the camera. They started with compact cameras and progressed to camera phones with AI functions. Using the smart voice guide, as well as the phone’s AI-powered camera that intelligently assists users, participants were able to take photographs.

Artificial Intelligence turns a smart phone into an assistant photographer

Jamaliah, The mother of two and grandmother of three


Jamaliah, whose condition is classified as B1 – total ...

Jamaliah, whose condition is classified as B1 – total visual impairment, became blind because of Glaucoma. During three months’ learning, Jamaliah, a contestant in the HUAWEI Next – Image Photography Awards, is able to capture the happiest moments of her life now.
Being blind has not stopped Jamaliah. She wants to tell the world that losing one’s sight doesn’t mean you have to give up on life.

HUAWEI Technologies shared among all members of the community

Bill Liu, Huawei Consumer Business Group country director


"At Huawei Technologies, we believe that the visually ...

"At Huawei Technologies, we believe that the visually impaired should not be left behind. They should also be able to ride the wave of technology together with us. Which is why our innovative technologies are meant to be shared among all members of the community. This initiative marks our long-standing efforts in providing the skills, products and services that expand connectivity and connect people to important technologies and opportunities"

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