Enable A Quality Life

EMUI 9.1

Enable A Quality Life

EMUI 9.1 provides an immersive experience with innovating performance and system speed enhancements to help you lead an intelligent life.

Living in Colour

Inspired by the freezing moments of a paint colour collision and fluttering silk, EMUI 9.1 features new wallpapers to reflect in-the-moment beauty and the app icons have been redesigned to be more realistic.

Redesigned Beauty, Capture the Moment
Redesigned Beauty, Capture the Moment
Redesigned Beauty, Capture the Moment
Redesigned Beauty, Capture the Moment
Redesigned Beauty, Capture the Moment

More Speed, More Space

Previously, the F2FS file system was tailored for flash memory to improve the read and write performance after long-term use. Now, with EROFS, the random read speed will be 20% faster1 and the system space will provide extra personal storage of up to 1000 pictures or 500 songs.2 Plus, the read-only memory design isolates outside interference for added security in your system files.

Random read performance
Available space

Get Your Game On

GPU Turbo 3.0 is a new upgrade that covers 25 of the most popular games. This new update includes reducing SoC power consumption by 10%3 and optimizing the underlying system performance to provide a continuous gaming experience.

Get Your Game On
Easily Share Highlight Videos

Easily Share Highlight Videos

HUAWEI Vlog has new features and effects that are perfect tools for easy editing and you can share with one-click. The Highlight videos are automatically edited with dramatic filters and gives you the option to apply special speed effects and unique background music.4 Your cherished videos can be transformed into a personal cinematic masterpiece.

AR Measure

When you need a quick measurement tool for simple DIY projects, just open the AR Measure5 App. You can accurately measure length, total area and volume with the HUAWEI TOF Camera. By utilizing the Face Recognition technology, you can now measure the height of a person with just a simple task of scanning from toe-to-head.6

Share with OneHop

A simple tap from your phone to the computer can send pictures, videos and documents7 in seconds.8 You can also efficiently copy and paste between devices with HUAWEI Share OneHop.9 And, while playing a game, just shake and touch the phone to your computer to initiate a 60-second recording of the screen10 that saves to your phone.

Simply Switch

Simply Switch

With HUAWEI Phone Clone, you can simply and quickly transfer your contacts, photos, videos and more to your new phone in just a few moments.12

Learn more about Phone Clone.

The models below will get the upgrade:

1. EMUI9.1 Update Push Notification Schedule

EMUI 9.1 update push notification will be made available for (i) Nova 3e on 12 June 2019; and (ii) Mate 20 series on 27 June 2019. EMUI 9.1 update for other Huawei products still pending.

2. Hicare App Method

a) After the EMUI 9.1 update notification is pushed to user, user is required to login to the HiCare App and upgrade the version of it accordingly by selecting “update”.

b) User is required to select the EMUI 9.1 version to perform the update.

c) At the system update page, user is required to click on the beta version. Upon downloading the beta version, the subsequent steps for updates are the same.

  1. The data comes from Huawei Labs and is compared to Android's traditional EXT4 file system.
  2. The average picture file size is 2MB and song file size is 4MB. The extra available space may vary on different HUAWEI phones.
  3. The data is from Huawei Labs and is compared to GPU Turbo 2.0.
  4. These features will be available after HOTA update.
  5. The AR measurement function is only supported on the HUAWEI P30 Pro and will only be available after HOTA update.
  6. Begin measuring between 0.3m to 1.5m close to get an accurate measurement for length, total area and volume between the phone and object. And, begin measuring between 1.5m to 2m close to get an accurate measurement for the height of a person.
  7. The text files supported are PPT, PDF, Word , Excel and TXT. The HUAWEI MateBook 13, HUAWEI MateBook 14 and the new HUAWEI MateBook X Pro notebook support the above document types with Microsoft Office version 2016 & 365 or above; the phone supports WPS applications to open the above document types.
  8. These features are only supported on select HUAWEI MateBook devices with the PC Manager version 9.1 or above.
  9. This feature is only compatible with select Huawei smartphones running EMUI 9.1 or above. This feature is available on limited applications and only text sharing is supported.
  10. Video recording of the screen is up to 60-second maximum.
  11. The TOP commercial treadmill manufacturers supported by this feature include Precor, CORE Health, and more manufacturers will be added in the future.
  12. Compatible with devices running IOS 6.0/Android 4.1 and higher.
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