Huawei expands availability of its premium mobile video content service Geographical roll-out of Huawei Video focuses on younger mobile users

Rome, 08 Nov 2018 – At its third annual Eco-Connect Europe event in Rome, Huawei announced the geographical extension of its streaming service Huawei Video in Europe. Currently available in China, Italy and Spain, Huawei Video offers a wide selection of more than 4000 titles, produced by international, European and local content partners. From 2019, Huawei Video will be rolled out in additional countries around the world.

At the event, digital media and broadcasting company Vice Media took to the stage to talk about “Better VICE x Huawei: Mobile Designed Stories”, through creating mobile-designed video content. This is enriched with motion graphics to present data in a more engaging and compelling way, and gives users the opportunity to interact with the video content by commenting and sharing.

Vice has expanded primarily into youth and young adult–focused digital media, including online content verticals and related web series, the news division Vice News, a film production studio and a record label. As an existing content partner of Huawei, Vice is developing plans around the custom production of exclusive content for Huawei Video.

Huawei Video is a monthly subscription service available to users with a Huawei smartphone or tablet with EMUI 5.x and above. They can use the Huawei Video app to select TV series and shows, short-clips, sports, documentaries and films with a weekly update. The service is currently priced at EUR4.99 per month for users in Italy and Spain, and can be cancelled at any time. Users can also rent movies for 48 hours and use the service simultaneously on two devices, with or without a subscription. Huawei Video also offers free content for users to evaluate the service before subscribing to the ad-free VIP subscription package.

“The collabouration with Huawei is very important for us and in line with our content strategy, guided by the strong will to explore new paths in content distribution”, says Lorenzo Mapelli, Head of Content at VICE Media Italia. “We design premium video content with younger mobile users in mind to get them engaged, and Huawei supports the distribution of our content. In a world where more and more content is exclusively created for mobile devices, working together in a strong partnership is crucial to deliver the ultimate video experience.”

“Huawei Video offers a premium viewing and sound experience by integrating top content partners such as Vice to deliver the best selection of content in all formats and categories, targeted specifically for a mobile usage”, says Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of Europe Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group. “By partnering, we provide more premium content to our users, while Vice’s vertical videos and documentaries demonstrate the potential of mobile-designed video. Huawei Video is a window to the world at your fingertips, and we always welcome premium content providers to join our network and to become the home for innovative formats and genres.”