Huawei preserves cultural heritage by bringing art to a wider audience Collaborations include Huawei Themes based on famous artworks

Rome, 08 Nov 2018 – Today at the Huawei Eco-Connect Europe event in Rome, France’s Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais (RMN-GP) presented its long-term efforts to digitize artworks and bring them to users around the globe. The RMN-GP is a French public cultural institution and a unique repository of expertise in the artistic and cultural sphere, including a photo agency which holds a unique digital photo library of over one million art images in 2D, 3D, and high- and ultra-high definitions. It maintains and distributes this universal visual heritage, from prehistoric art to the present day.

RMN-GP is developing new partnerships with Huawei on Themes, ScreenMagazine, AppGallery, AR, AI, based on the digital photos database, presenting a large number of artworks and cultural relics from French museums. As well as making these artworks easier to access and share, digitizing them enables Huawei to offer a highly customised user experience on its phones.

“Masterpieces and various artworks inspire - access and sharing stimulate creativity. Art needs heritage, and we encourage the public and new generations to be inspired,” says Roei Amit, Head of Digital & multimedia, Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais.

Huawei has already worked with a number of cultural institutions who have provided artworks to create digital reproductions that can be stored and shared by Huawei phone users. With an ongoing focus on art digitalization, Huawei is also working with design school students from Spain’s TAI School and France’s Sorbonne University in order to create fresh, modern themes designs. Huawei will also work with major brands such as Netflix, Fox and Paramount to develop new themes.

“Huawei distributes premium content to users around the world, enabling the digital reproduction of art works on Huawei devices and allowing global users to experience stunning historical and cultural imagination,” says Jervis Su, Vice President of Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group. ”In future, Huawei plans to collabourate with more leading art centres.”

As a part of Huawei Mobile Services which enriches more than 460 million users’ mobile lives, Huawei Themes continues to grow in popularity, hitting more than 2.5 million downloads a day among 21 million users outside of China. Users can choose from tens of thousands of stylish Themes, fonts and wallpapers allowing them to create a personalised look for their phones.