In-Home Service


    Please backup and erase your personal data and deactivate any pass-code, lock or equivalent feature from the.

    How to backup your data?

    You can request In-home Service through website, or by calling Huawei service hotline 08 000 777 777 (Toll Free).


    Service representative pickup the faulty handset based on the appointment.


    Qualified Huawei service technician perform repair on the faulty handset.


    Service representative make appointment with you & deliver the repaired handset back to you.

  • MODELS AVAILABLE FORSERVICE: P20 Pro, P10, P10 Plus, Mate 10 Pro

FAQ for In-home service

What is In-home service?

The Huawei In-home Service is a separate premium service through which Huawei will provide home service to P10 / P10 plus and Mate10 Pro customers only in Dhaka City. For warranty handset customer does not need to pay any amount. For out of warranty handset customer just needs to pay spare parts price and service charge 500 BDT. There is no extra charge for In-home service.

Selected model users of Dhaka city can avail service at his/her own place without visiting service center. Users can log in to Huawei's official website and Hi-care app to submit in-home service application or call the hotline 08 000 777 777 (Toll free) to make an appointment.

Who can avail this service?

a. Only P10 / P10+ and Mate10 Pro customers

b. Only in Dhaka City

What is the Procedure?

After getting request from customer:

a. Our concern person will communicate with customer and take appointment at customer’s office/home.

b. As per appointment time and place our representative will go there, meet with customer, take the HS and get back to ASC.

c. After repair completion they again will communicate with customer and deliver the HS to customer’s home/office.

What is the time duration?

This service is available from 10.00am to 6.00pm every day except Friday and public holidays.

Within how many days customer will get back the Handset?

Within 24 hours customer will get back the handset. (Depends on parts availability)

Is there any charge for In-home service?

a. There is no charge for warranty customers.

b. For out of warranty customers, need to pay the parts price and 500 BDT as service charge. No extra cost for In-home service.



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