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After Sales Service Policy for Nepal

Following are the warranty terms and conditions

1.   This warranty covers only Hardware, Software, Battery and Manufacturing Defects of Huawei Mobile handsets.

2.   This warranty shall provide a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase of your mobile handset as specified in the warranty card.

3.   The warranty of Battery and Charger is valid for six (6) Months from the date of purchase of Huawei handset.

4.   This warranty is valid for the first purchase of the mobile handset only.

5.   Warranty does not cover if the product has been subject to abnormal or improper use, exposed to extreme moisture or dampness, dropped/mishandled or it is found that the product has been attempted to be repaired by any UN-AUTHORIZED person or service center.

6.   This warranty will only be valid if this IMEI (MEID) number and the serial no of the warranty card match that of the mobile phone as specified in the warranty card.

7.   Water and moisture damage to your mobile handset is not covered under this warranty program.

8.   The limited warranty extends only to products purchased in Nepal.

9.   Warranty not valid if the purchase bill/cash memo is found to be incorrect or fake.

10. Service center will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage, loss of any anticipated profits, work storage, loss or impairment of data arising out of the use or improper functioning of the products.

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