6-Month Complimentary
Screen Protection

for HUAWEI nova 9 pre-orders and first month sales

Nov 3rd , 2021 – Dec 15th , 2021

6-Month Complimentary Screen Protection

nova 9 features a fashionable design with a very powerful battery life with its 4300mAh large battery. The camera specifications are really impressive, with 32MP high-resolution selfie and 4K selfie video with 5 camera modes on front camera and 50MP Ultra Vision with 12 camera modes on rear camera, which may help to capture more fantastic moments in your life. The phone runs EMUI 12 and will help customers enjoy an all-scenario seamless AI life.
In additional, HUAWEI provide 6-Month Complimentary HUAWEI Care Screen Protection for nova 9 new users as exclusive benefit . During the validity period of the warranty, if your phone screen gets broken due to an accident (collision/ drop/ squeeze), the original screen assembly can be replaced once with some additional cost.
Claim a free 6 -Month HUAWEI Care Screen Protection for your newly purchased nova 9 with a simple way below.
  • Genuine spare parts

    100% original accessories,official repair,and quality assurance.

  • Official service

    You can enjoy the service in any HUAWEI customer service center in the country.

  • Cost saving

    Free repair and less investment could ease your concerns.

Claim Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Can I claim the benefits of Screen Protection?

    A1: Yes.
    1.1 After purchasing the phone, turn it on, activate the device.
    1.2 Click to Claim in activity Page to Participate.
    1.3 Login to your HUAWEI account. (Users who have not registered a HUAWEI account must register and log in.)
    1.4 Enter SN number to check and claim the benefits of Screen Protection.
  • Q2: Can I get the benefit if I bought the device from another unauthorized person or channel?

    A2: No, sorry, you can only get the benefit if you got the product through an authorized channel.
  • Q3: Do I need to claim under specific conditions?

    1: Yes. The following conditions must be nova 9 purchased through official sales channels in Oman.
    2: The benefits will take effect in the system in 24 hours after claiming them.
  • Q4: Can I check if my benefit take effect?

    A4: Yes, after receiving a confirmation message you can check the status of your warranty through Support App > Me> Quick Service> Benefits.
  • Q5: Can the Screen Protection be purchased repeatedly?

    A5: One device can only be purchased once for the Screen Protection, and cannot be purchased repeatedly.
  • Q6: My screen is broken, how can I use my Screen Protection?

    A6: Please send the phone and show the valid certificate directly for repair in HUAWEI customer service center.
  • Q7: After using the Screen Protection, can the product still enjoy the official warranty?

    A7: If only the screen are damaged and there are no other damage, you can continue to enjoy the remaining warranty period; if the product has been dismantled, repaired, leaked, bent, or deformed, you cannot continue to enjoy the original warranty.
  • Q8: After claiming 6-month complimentary HUAWEI Care Screen Protection Service, Can I also purchase the 1 year service separately?

    A8: You can also purchase the 1 year HUAWEI Care Screen Protection Service separately, service period validity will not be overlapped and will be valid up to one year, subject to HUAWEI Care term and conditions.
  • Q9: Is it completely free of charge for repairs with HUAWEI Care Screen Protection?

    A9: 10 OMR manual fee is required for repair in the HUAWEI service store when claiming the HUAWEI Care Screen Protection.
  • Q10: What is the difference between HUAWEI Care Screen Protection and unofficial HUAWEI Care Screen Protection?

    A10: HUAWEI Care Screen Protection: You can inquery the benefits on the HUAWEI official website, and repair can be done at any HUAWEI customer service center. Repair does not affect the warranty; unofficial HUAWEI Care Screen Protection: cannot inquery the benefits on the HUAWEI official website, and the original warranty is not available after the screen is broken.Please pay attention and distinguish them.


Claim Benefits

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How do I query the device SN?
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The device S/N code label is attached to the packing box and the bottom of the case.

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To provide you with the device benefit query function, we will use your device identifier to query the device model and benefit details related to the device, including the benefit type, status, and validity period. The data does not involve personal privacy.


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