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No matter what device or service you are using, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Wearables, Audio or Mobile Services, and Support Home Page enables you to easily find related information. By anticipating every need of yours along the journey, this page tells you how to set up new device, discover hidden features, fix common problems, take care of your device and inform you of the latest promotional events. Click the relevant icon to learn selected information about that device or service.
Know More About Your Phone
Your phone may encounter some common problems, especially after a long time of usage. Go to Smartphones on Support Home Page and click relevant icon, then you can get solutions and suggestions about common phone issues.
Here, you can also find useful HUAWEI phone tips, how-tos, and device management guide. Not enough for you? Search the keyword of your question in the search box of More Questions and discover more tips to make the most of your device.
Set up New Device Quickly
Wondering how to get started on your new device? Here you will find a quick guide on how to set up your new device. Come and pick up these useful tips!
Get Your Device Fixed Easily
When you need to repair your device, just go to the Let’s get your devices fixed section to seek help. Here you can locate the nearest HUAWEI Customer Service Center, query the prices of non-warranty spare parts, check the warranty period, etc.
Stay Tuned to the Latest Promotional Activities
On HUAWEI Service Day, you can enjoy free value-added services and discounts even if your warranty expires. Follow the latest promotional events to take advantage of rich HUAWEI services.
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