HUAWEI P9 Review

With today’s smartphones having more features and getting more powerful, Chinese handset manufacturer HUAWEI decided to take on the high-rollers by partnering up with German brand Leica to step up its mobile photography game.

Is HUAWEI‘s P9 the next choice after Apple and Samsung? We find out.

Design and Construction

Carrying over the P8’s all-metal build, the new P9 still gives a high-end feel with a solid block of aluminum as its chassis. Its display spans 5.2 inches across and has really thin strips for its bezels. From this angle, we also see its 8-megapixel front-facing camera together with its sensors.

The Gorilla Glass display curves outward to meet the frame which is becoming the standard nowadays for the latest phones aiming for a premium look. The P9 also has the familiar curved edges that help gently plant the device in the center of the palm when you use it. The sides are outlined with chrome trimmings that sandwich the matte area of the sides.

If the previous model had the volume rocker and power button lined up along with the SIM trays, the P9 removed the SIM slots from the right side and left this area solely for the only physical buttons present.

If you’d look closely, the power button could be easily identified by simply feeling it with its textured surface.

The tray for SIM cards is now moved to the left side and pushed to the upper area. This specific model only has a single tray for a SIM but the units arriving for Asian markets will be dual-SIM variants.

We also see in the above photo the thinness of the device at just 6.95 mm which is slimmer than both the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 at 7.1 and 7.9 mm, respectively.

At the bottom, we see the connectivity ports comprising of the 3.5 mm audio jack and the new USB Type-C in addition to the screws beside the main slot. The speaker grille is also situated here, visually balancing the things going on for this side.

The rear is where it gets interesting since the P9 carries dual rear shooters made by renowned camera brand Leica. Each camera has a 12-megapixel sensor and is made using 6-piece optics all working towards making the device produce life-like photos. The dual shooters are accompanied by two LED flashes and sensors that should help achieve better focus.

Other than the camera, the fingerprint sensor is what’s prominent here and the company says it has more layers of security for its users.

What’s interesting to note with the rear cameras is that they are made to be flat and not protruding. Unlike other flagships that have cameras bumping out of its back panel, the P9 could lay flat on its back when placed on a surface.

Overall, holding the P9 on the hand is light and could easily be grasped and operated using only one hand.

Display and Multimedia

Carrying a 5.2-inch Full HD display results to a healthy 423ppi count. Images are detailed with crisp edges and vibrant colors. The use of curved edges for its screen further makes the images seem to pop out and that is definitely good news in our book.

The speakers located at the bottom right of the device produce pretty loud audio and is generally clear. Although if you demand a full sound while watching movies, you’d still be better off with a pair of headphones.

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