HUAWEI P10: Australian Review

The HUAWEI P10 remains an excellent choice for anyone that wants to enjoy the best that Android phones have to offer: powerful and versatile cameras with deep creative control, a highly customizable user experience, and superbly fast operation. All of this comes at quite a little bit of a cost, though, so you'll have to be comfortable stumping up $899 for the P10 and $1099 for its larger but equally compelling P10 Plus upsized sibling.

HUAWEI's top phones have always been very quick to operate, and the P10 is no different in that regard. It zips around its user interface with impressive speed, including in the alacrity of its fingerprint reader — one of the fastest and most responsive and most accurate I've ever used on a phone. Whatever you're doing, the P10 doesn't stumble, and it hasn't slowed down noticeably in the few weeks that I've been using it.

But at the end of the day, the P10 and P10 Plus are very well designed, almost as well constructed, and boast not one but two excellent cameras that give any would-be photographer a huge range of creative control. It's a pocketable flagship Android phone, that comes in cool color, that has almost all the hallmarks of a great phone. If you get one, you won't be unimpressed with your purchase.

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