Use VoLTE to Make Calls

Applicable products: HUAWEI P smart S,HUAWEI Y8p
Applicable products:
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Use VoLTE to Make Calls

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is an IP-based data transmission technology that delivers both call and data services over a 4G network.

Once VoLTE is enabled, you can make calls while accessing the Internet. If your phone supports dual SIM dual VoLTE, you can receive an incoming call on a SIM card even when the other SIM card is already on a call.

VoLTE also provides you with a faster call connection time and higher quality voice and video calls.

Enable VoLTE

  1. Contact your mobile carrier to activate the 4G and VoLTE functions for your SIM card. If both the primary and secondary SIM card trays of a dual-SIM phone support 4G and VoLTE, 4G and VoLTE can be enabled for both SIM cards.

  2. Go to Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data . In the network settings area of SIM 1 or SIM 2, turn on the VoLTE HD calls switch.

  • This feature may vary depending on your carrier.
  • The 4G network is used as an example here. If your device supports 5G, the operations are the same.
  • 5G services are only available in some countries and regions.

Make a Video Call

Video calls are only possible when both parties are using VoLTE-activated devices.
  1. Open Phone, touch the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen, then select the contact you want to call.

  2. Touch to make a video call.

During a voice call, you can also touch to switch to a video call.

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