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      HUAWEI G8 Fingerprint ID

      There’s no better way to identify yourself than with your fingerprint,
      and with new ID technology your HUAWEI G8 recognizes you more quickly and even your gestures.


      Touch the sensor and your phone unlocks in only 0.5 seconds.
      Much faster than previous technology thanks to the non-metal sensor and larger ID area.

      More Accurate

      With the HUAWEI G8 you won’t have to keep touching the sensor until it recognizes you.
      The new generation of fingerprint ID is smarter, learning every time you use it to improve accuracy.

      More Convenient

      Now if you touch for a bit longer you can use your sensor to do
      so much more, like answering calls or controlling your alarms.

      More Secure

      More security, with fewer worries. The Qualcomm Q SEE safety program means
      that your sensitive data will be completely secure every time you turn on your HUAWEI G8.