HUAWEI makes the Top 100 Most Influential Brands in Italy and is the only brand from Mainland China

The global leading market research firm IPSOS recently released the Most Influential Brands in Italy. HUAWEI becomes the only brand from Mainland China that makes the Top 100. The HUAWEI brand is recognised by the Italian consumers as a company of high tech, innovation, and excellence.

HUAWEI makes the Top 100 Most Influential Brands in Italy and is the only brand from Mainland China

The IPSOS Group is one of the world’s largest market research firms and the only research group owned and managed by research professionals, with 84 offices worldwide. Every year, IPSOS conducts multi-dimensional researches with consumers in several countries and announces the most influential brands of the year.

According to an IPSOS survey released previously, HUAWEI's global brand awareness increased from 76% in 2015 to 81% in 2016, while overseas users' consideration and preference for HUAWEI rose by 66.7% and 100% respectively from 2015. Now as the company is listed in the Top100 Most Influential Brands in Italy, it shows that the brand awareness and preference in overseas markets have both improved significantly. The Italian consumers’ love for the brand also demonstrates HUAWEI's success in global brand building. It is becoming a culture and tech brand favoured by the global consumers.

HUAWEI makes the Top 100 Most Influential Brands in Italy and is the only brand from Mainland China

In recent years, with stable growth of HUAWEI smartphones in several regions of the world, especially leapfrog development in its strategic high ground--the European market, HUAWEI has successfully raised the brand awareness in Europe. In Northeast and West Europe, HUAWEI smartphones are well-liked by consumers. According to the GFK data, the market shares of HUAWEI in several mainstream European countries, such as Finland, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, Czech, have exceeded 20% as of end 2016, laying a solid foundation for the improvement of HUAWEI's influence around the world.

In order to get closer and establish stronger emotional connection with local consumers, HUAWEI is actively involved in domains favoured by the consumers, such as culture, fashion and sports. HUAWEI signed Lionel Messi as its global brand ambassador, and became sponsor of some of the best European football clubs, such as AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid. Other than that, HUAWEI also sponsored top fashion platforms such as Milan Fashion Week, VOGUE, etc, and moved more consumers through more fashionable elements.

HUAWEI P10, latest flagship of HUAWEI, raised the brand profile to a new height. Not long ago, HUAWEI P10 partnered with the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery and launched an exhibition themed with From Selfie to Self-Expression, featuring a series of classic self-portraits, masterpieces of the artists, and selfies taken with smartphones, and offering selfie enthusiasts around the world with a unique portrait exhibition. Excellent marketing campaigns inject a lot of culture elements into the brand, connect better with emotions and lifestyles of the local consumers, and help HUAWEI raise its image as a high-end brand.

The continuous improvement of HUAWEI’s influence has been recognised by many notable organisations, which helps the brand make some of the most influential lists multiple times. Previously, HUAWEI was listed on the Forbes World's Most Valuable Brands List, and again, as the only Chinese company on the list; also, HUAWEI made to the 2017 BrandZ's Top50 Most Valuable Global Brands list with a total brand value of 20.388 billion US dollars.