HUAWEI Tablets Outperforms the Competition with No.1 Market Share in the Saudi Market

HUAWEI President

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 21 February 2018: According to the updated reports from international market research organizations, HUAWEI has the number one Tablets market share in Saudi Arabia during 2017, outperforming the competition.

Mr. Pablo Ning, President, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group Saudi Arabia said: "Today, according to the latest figures from international market research companies operating in Saudi Arabia, HUAWEI occupies the first place in the tablet sector in Saudi Arabia. HUAWEI devices are given high consideration by users who are looking for a new high quality and strong performance tablet. According to some studies, 1 out of every 4 tablets sold in Saudi Arabia is from HUAWEI's tablet devices, indicating the confidence built in this market and the desire of users in the Kingdom to use HUAWEI devices that are known for their strong performance and high quality".

"With its vast experience in the field of communications and information technology, HUAWEI continues to deliver advanced devices. HUAWEI's record of introducing advanced devices with the introduction of new PC products fully reflects the company's commitment to design, manufacturing, research and development", said Ning.

Today, tablets have become more important than ever before, especially with the advancement of their technical specifications. On one hand, tablets are becoming the new digital friend to a lot of users especially students who depend on them for studying, replacing books and other learning means due to their interactive features that changed the concept of digitization and contributed to the digital transformation in education. On the other hand, tablets are an indispensable tool to many users who use them for performing daily tasks easily and smoothly due to their adequate screen size that make the use of tablets very handy unlike other devices.

Moreover, in terms of performing tasks, tablets are increasingly becoming an aggressive competitor to the PCs because of their light weight that make them very mobile on the go, in addition to their efficient batteries that last for long durations, allowing users to use them without interruptions.