The New "HUAWEI nova 3e" Smartphone Sees a Great Turnout

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 1, 2018: After its launch in the Saudi markets on March 29, the demand on the new smartphone "HUAWEI nova 3e" saw a great turnout from users who are looking for exceptional features with a competitive price.

HUAWEI nova 3e

With the increase of demand on mid-range smartphones, the device comes to provide users with a performance similar to that of a high-end smartphone's. Therefore, the device has seen a great turnout from users in Saudi Arabia, who are looking for a multi-use phone with the required exceptional features and a competitive price. Therefore, "HUAWEI nova 3e" comes with a 16mp front camera and a rear dual camera, the former of 16 MP and the latter of 2 MP. Both cameras of the "HUAWEI nova 3e" have been enhanced greatly compared to before as they can capture the smallest details and track the slightest lighting and colour changes to enhance the image's quality and beauty at every moment. Moreover, the phone's advanced photography technology makes the photo-taking experience easier, providing realistic photos even by amateur photographers.

"HUAWEI nova 3e" comes with a 2.0 FullView display which includes a vibrant viewing experience of brighter colours. Additionally, the massive storage memory allows users to enjoy playing games, listening to music and watching videos without worrying over storage limitations. Furthermore, while playing, the phone offers different selections of used patterns to prevent interruptions or delay due to receiving calls or messages. Also, the new automatic user smart interface EMUI 8.0 offers a smoother and better android experience.

Most of all, the "HUAWEI nova 3e" distinguishes itself from competitors by innovating to offer its unbeatable features offered at an unmatchable price point. Meanwhile, the "HUAWEI nova 3e" phone is available for purchasing at different stores in Saudi Arabia in blue, night black colours and of 64 GB storage capacity and 4 GB RAM at 1199 SAR.