HUAWEI P20 Pro camera outperforms competitors

It comes in the forefront of smartphone cameras according to DxO index


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 3, 2018: The DxO Labs, trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements and ratings, recently released its test report for HUAWEI P20 Pro, which received 109 points in total ahead of its competitors. The HUAWEI P20 Pro is the Chinese manufacturer's latest flagship smartphone, and in terms of camera tech, is arguably the most innovative device in quite some time. The HUAWEI P20 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a triple camera setup.


With an overall score of 109 points, the HUAWEI P20 Pro sets a new benchmark for smartphone cameras on DxOMark.com, outscoring all of its closest rivals, by a margin that is close to or higher than 10 points. Much of this is due to the HUAWEI's outstanding still image capabilities that earn it an unprecedented Photo score of 114 points.

The large sensor in the main camera combined with the black and white sensor allows for excellent low-light performance and class-leading dynamic range; the dedicated 80 mm equivalent tele-lens in combination with the high-resolution monochrome chip, delivers the best zoom performance on a smartphone to date. The monochrome chip is also used to help generate the HUAWEI P20 Pro's excellent bokeh-simulation.

HUAWEI P20 Pro is no slouch either in video mode, thanks to class-leading image stabilisation, a good autofocus, and very low noise levels. At 98 points, it just manages to push the competitors off the number one spot in the video ranking, making the HUAWEI P20 Pro the best all-around mobile device for imaging that money can currently buy.

It may be known to all photography enthusiasts that this France-based labouratory is famous for its professional and stringent standards applied to the measurement and ratings of camera and lens. A great many professional users would refer to their ratings before buying their devices.