What is Special about HUAWEI nova 3e with FullView Display?

HUAWEI nova 3e

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 12, 2018: HUAWEI recently launched HUAWEI nova 3e as a new device targeted at young consumers. With the trendsetting FullView display, this model sports a trendy design, and features the latest EMUI 8.0 operating system (OS) that promises the ultimate user experience. What, then, is unique to the design of HUAWEI nova 3e?

A distinctive screen

Satisfying fashion-minded youngsters, HUAWEI nova 3e features a body with a stylish, minimal notch design and a massive 5.84-inch Full HD widescreen display. The 19:9 ratio underscores the slim body while enabling a better grip.

For a trendier design, HUAWEI designers were meticulous when designing the FullView display. In order to increase the display area and the screen-to-body ratio to match the signature rounded-corner design, the designers rounded out the edges of the notch and the four corners of HUAWEI nova 3e's FullView display, a feat that could only be achieved after HUAWEI overcame a few significant design hurdles.

HUAWEI also took a different approach to the notch design. Departing from the traditional designs philosophy, HUAWEI design team has also tweaked the antenna to allow for a more slender body.

Appearance Meets Performance

As a device designed for the fashion-conscious young consumers, the HUAWEI nova 3e is equipped with a FullView display that enables it to look good – both in terms of the device itself and the content it displays. But HUAWEI has taken another step forward to also give it great performance. On the HUAWEI nova 3e, users will find the EMUI 8.0 OS, which is optimised for FullView display. The superb user experience of the combination demonstrates the advantages of integrated software and hardware technologies.

HUAWEI EMUI 8.0 design team deliberated over how every element should be displayed, from their size to position, to the number of icons to be displayed in each area, to ensure they deliver the best user experience. Then, to give more options for customisation for users, the team has included a feature to mask out the areas beside the notch to hide the bar from plain sight.

Moreover, EMUI 8.0 enabled HUAWEI nova 3e to achieve a 12% long-term performance increase (based on model tests after 18 months of simulated aging in a lab), further improving user experience down the road.

Internationally, the mid-range HUAWEI nova 3e lets HUAWEI put a formidable contender in the low-end and mid-range segments, and set a new benchmark for high-quality, mid-range smartphones. With an excellent FullView display-based design, excellent photography features and a smooth user experience, HUAWEI nova 3e is the best choice for consumers who desire well-designed, small form factor devices that perform well and are without a hefty price tag.