EMUI 9 upgrade now available for older models like HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P10

SINGAPORE, JUNE 6, 2019 - Huawei is making EMUI 9 available for older models such as HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P10, fulfilling its commitment to continuous upgrade and bringing more value to consumers. This upgrade will be available for previous generation phones such as HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P10, which were released after the end of 2016. With EMUI 9, Huawei customers across the globe can enjoy the ultimate user experience. Huawei is committed to providing users with a smooth experience and is continuing to upgrade its operating system.

EMUI 9 marks the second major version upgrade for older models, such as HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P10, since launch. Users of previous generation handsets can now enjoy the exceptional experience provided by the most up to date Huawei user interface.

In terms of user experience, configuration items in EMUI 9 have been reduced by 10% and the upgrade also allows users of older models like HUAWEI Mate 9 and HUAWEI P10 to enjoy a better user experience. The upgrade will bring consistent UI design, natural and immersive UX design, convenient one-hand operation, new gesture navigation, and an overall smoother experience.

EMUI 9 upgrade benefits over 80 million users globally

According to data collected on June 3, 2019, the number of users that have upgraded from EMUI 8.X to EMUI 9 has exceeded 80 million globally and continues to grow. It is estimated that this figure will reach 100 million by the end of June.

EMUI 9 is available for the Mate10 series, which launched in 2017, as well as the P20 series, Mate RS, and Nova3, which launched in 2018. The Mate 9 series, P10 series and Nova3i, which launched in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively, are in the process of continuous upgrades.

EMUI 9 features natural UI, ultra-convenient full-screen gesture navigation, smoother operational experience, and GPU Turbo 2.0 – all of which greatly improves user experience.