Huawei Presents Long Exposure Photography with Pigeons

Huawei Presents Long Exposure Photography with Pigeons

Huawei carried out an extreme project, to represent users the Light Painting mode of P8, one of the company’s popular smart phone models.

Huawei, one of the world’s lead smart phone manufacturers, encourages its users to be more creative with different product features. Huawei, promoted P8’s Light Painting feature by using pigeons with an unusual technique first time in the world.

Starring: Ali the Birdman and Pigeons

Huawei, broke the grounds at the industry by visualizing the light painting feature with a different project at Cappadocia, one of the most attractive historical places of Turkey. The shooting process has completed with more than 50 pigeons.

The video is telling the story of 3 young people, following the birdman in a livelily way. The extreme visuals of pigeons with LED lights at their claws is remaining at the forefront of this video. The visuals have shot by P8’s long exposure mode at Cappadocia Love Valley, which has peerless landscape.

One of the colorful details of movie just as pigeons was Ali the Birdman. Ali -the owner of the birds- has a huge part ending this movie successfully by means of instructing and training pigeons. Also we have to say he contributed significantly to content with his colorful personality and speaking style.

Project Details

1.5 month preliminary preparation process has spent for this project. 40 members of team (totally 70) pitched a camp in Cappadocia for shootings. More than 50 pigeons have brought to area 10 days before shootings and became addicted to the place. Also a sanctuary has set in the area for whole birds. Another team have worked in Ankara for manufacturing more than 200 LED lights which used at project for two days. Powerful, slight and long life LEDs have produced as 1.5 gr.

Light Painting feature -the samples have shared in different ways recently- has visualized with a video which is using the birds first time in the world. Whole pigeons got back to their own places and none of them have damaged at all.


The local community of Cappadocia also gave consequence to shooting team during whole actions. This interest also brought some curious rumors. The LED lights of pigeons have perceived as UFO by some people living in this landscape and these rumors reached to Huawei team. There was no UFO during shooting actions.

What is Light Painting Mode?

A breakthrough camera phone that meets the challenge of both ‘low light’ situations. HUAWEI P8 perfectly captures low light and strong contrast; an excellent picture solution for some of the most challenging lighting situations for shooting. Users can have personalized images with little moves in the dark by this mode.

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