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      HUAWEI P10 Plus sets an industry benchmark for style and craftsmanship with the first hyper diamond-cut finishing on a smartphone, which adds strength and colour. Finishes also available in high gloss and sandblast.
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      PANTONE Colour Institute sets global trends for colour. Now, HUAWEI P10 Plus sets trends for smartphones. PANTONE + HUAWEI. An exclusive partnership that adds colour to your life.

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      Precision cut down to the micrometer, HUAWEI P10 Plus’s hyper diamond-cut finishing enhances brightness and makes HUAWEI P10 Plus a pleasure to hold every time you pick it up. Exterior finishes also include high gloss and sandblast.
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      HUAWEI P10 Plus's clean design is built around an ultra-slim 7 mm, lightweight body and dual cameras flush with the back cover, enhanced by smooth rounded curves.


      HUAWEI P10 Plus's 20 MP + 12 MP camera modules are flush with the back cover because HUAWEI P10 Plus doesn’t compromise design for innovation.The streamlined concave power button prevents accidental depression, and keeps HUAWEI P10 Plus looking sharp.
      HUAWEI P10 Plus's 20 MP + 12 MP camera modules are flush with the back cover. The streamlined concave power button prevents accidental depression, and keeps HUAWEI P10 Plus looking sharp.


      HUAWEI P10 Plus's imaging algorithm helps create artistic portraits in Leica image style for natural, studio-like enhancements. Eyes receive special attention with optical technology that brings out innate brightness and colour.



      HUAWEI P10 Plus's 20 MP + 12 MP camera modules and HUAWEI's versatile hybrid zoom improve the smoothness, clarity and simplicity of portrait photography.
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      The all-new, 8 MP Leica front camera takes crisp, bright images even in low-light conditions, producing unique selfies in Leica image style.
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      HUAWEI P10 Plus’s large sensor captures 200 percent light, offering dramatic colour depth and range, while automatically switching to wide-angle view for groufie shots.

      HUAWEI P10 Plus's Leica Dual Camera 2.0 Pro Edition carries two SUMMILUX-H lenses with a larger aperture (f/1.8). The result: 4K shooting, 20 MP + 12 MP sensors, Optical Image Stabilisation, Superior low-light photography. When you see the world more clearly, you see how beautiful it is.


      Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS): great shots, reduced motion blur.


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      HUAWEI P10 Plus's 4 onboard antennas supports 4.5G networks for fast, stable connections – reaching data speeds up to 600 Mbps.*

      *Speed values are obtained through testing conducted in HUAWEI labouratory conditions. Actual speeds may vary with carrier, network condition, and other factors.

      huawei-p10-transparent huawei-p10-alwayConBgMobi huawei-p10-netRight huawei-p10-netRightMobi huawei-p10-netLeftMobi huawei-p10-netLeft

      5.5-inch 2K display; bolder colours, brighter detail.

      huawei-p10-fastsmartBg huawei-p10-fastsmartBg

      HUAWEI P10 Plus's high-density 3750 mAh (TYP) battery supports HUAWEI SuperCharge technology. Backed by a 5-gate protection, charging is both fast and safe.*

      *Typical value. Actual capacity may vary slightly.
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      Express your style with a range of one-of-a-kind accessories designed exclusively for HUAWEI P10 Plus.*

      *Accessories sold separately.
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      *Product colour, shape, interface and functions are for reference only. The actual product may vary.