Huawei Destruction Booth

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      Are you a frustrated smartphone user? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your ‘A Phone’ because of short battery life or a poor camera? You’re not alone.

      Huawei is opening an ‘A Phone’ Destruction Booth in Soho, London, where you will have the chance to come and vent years of built-up frustration by smashing up smartphones.

      With a battery that leaves the competition permanently attached to the nearest power socket, the world’s first Leica triple camera, unprecedented AI advances, super low light photography capabilities and a 5 x hybrid zoom, the current flagship device – the HUAWEI P20 Pro – ensures that common smartphone frustrations are not ones shared by Huawei customers.

      You’ll get to pick one of ten different weapons and choose which smartphone you’d like to destroy, before pulling on a destruction suit and going to work! We’ll also be on hand to capture alll the grizzly moments on the HUAWEI P20 Pro in stunning slow motion video.

      Full protective gear will be provided, and all phones will be recycled – so their existence won’t have been completely futile...

      Book your free 10 minute slot below – but be quick! It’s first come first served and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

      We’re releasing new tickets at 10am every weekday until 17th July, so check back later if you can’t see the time you want below.