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          Our commitment to you

          At HUAWEI we always put our customers first. All new HUAWEI smartphones and tablets (The HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs and MatePad Pro) will continue to operate on Android (open-source project), get all security updates, come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and access to Top-Apps.

          We fully appreciate that you may have additional questions. You can find answers to the most common points of confusion and rumours below.

          #1 - Can I get all my apps on my Huawei P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs, Matepad Pro without Google PlayStore?

          First of all we recommend you transfer most of your existing apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify via the Phone Clone app from your current handset to your new Huawei device. 

          Secondly the pre-installed HUAWEI AppGallery has a lot of the top apps available including Depop, TikTok, Deezer and many more.  It also includes shortcuts to apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. 

          But if you cannot find the apps you are looking for in the Huawei AppGallery you can find and download them from 3rd party App markets.  Services such as Gmail or YouTube can easily be used in the browser.

          #2 - What operating system will be pre-installed on HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs, MatePad Pro?

          The new HUAWEI P40 Series / Mate 30 Pro / Mate Xs / MatePad Pro use EMUI10 (or EMUI 10.1) with Android 10.

          #3 - Does the HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs or MatePad Pro come with pre-installed Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

          The HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs and MatePad Pro do not have GMS pre-installed due to the restrictions in place from the USA. 

          #4 - Will the absence of GMS affect users from using Facebook, Twitter and other apps?

          Download links for Facebook and WhatsApp can be found in the AppGallery, or you can download these apps directly from their websites.

          We have many apps in the Huawei AppGallery and other apps can be downloaded from third party app stores.

          Not all apps are optimised by developers yet individual app experiences may vary depending on the level of GMS integration into an app..

          #5 - Do the HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs or MatePad Pro have security updates?

          We will continue to provide security updates to keep the HUAWEI P40 Series, Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs and MatePad Pro devices secure.

          #6 - What is Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)?

          Based on Huawei’s all-scenario device strategy, Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) through its own apps and services, gathers global developer partners around the world to build an ecosystem for apps. These apps and services include portal services like HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Assistant and HUAWEI Browser; core services like HUAWEI Cloud, Huawei wallet and content services like HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Music and Huawei Reader, as well as services for daily life, education and IoT, providing global users with a smart and high-quality lifestyle for all scenarios.

          HMS incorporates Huawei’s chip, device and cloud capabilities, including a full portfolio of HMS Core services and related IDE tools and platforms for development and testing.

          HMS, together with third-party applications and services running on Huawei devices, is building the HMS ecosystem, an intelligent, mobile and interconnected ecosystem for Huawei users. HMS also provides developers with a platform that enables them to easily publish apps globally for all devices in all scenarios, so that they can focus on innovation and development.

          (If you require further assistance or have further questions please feel free to contact us here )

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