Tasneem’s story of discovering a love of books

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          9-year old Tasneem has profound hearing loss. She lives with her Mother Sabina and Father Mahbub at home in London, England. This is her story.

          Most parents can’t imagine what it’s like having a deaf child in their lives unless they experience it first-hand.  Being able to talk or read to your child is such a natural thing to do, but for some families like Tasneem and her parents Mahbub and Sabina, this can be a real challenge.

          Soon after Tasneem was born, specialists assessed her hearing and gave her family the news that she had profound hearing loss, which came as a huge shock. But with the fantastic support of doctors and their local Teacher of the Deaf, that challenge of communicating with each other has bought them a lot of joy.

          Like Tasneem’s family, many deaf children are born to hearing parents which often means that using sign language doesn’t come naturally, as Mahbub admits.

          “We’re learning sign language at the moment, but we’re not experts.”

          They had to learn how to communicate from scratch, but it’s something that they have embraced and they are proud of how their daughter has grown into the confident, funny and creative girl that she is today.

          For a deaf child, learning to read is very different process than for hearing children. They usually won’t associate words and sounds phonetically and often this puts their reading development behind that of their hearing friends.

          Most people don’t appreciate that this could be a problem, in fact it’s something that Mahbub and Sabina didn’t realise at first either. Being able to pass on a love of books to children, regardless of whether they can hear is many parents’ wish, and Mahbub is no exception.


          StorySign can help children like Tasneem learn to read and teaches parents new signs as well. It really brings them closer together for that magical moment when they get to share a story with each other.


          “To be able to read to my daughter is the best thing, the best feeling in the whole world.” – Mahbub.





          7-year old Abbi is profoundly deaf. She lives at home with her mother Amy, two older brothers and her dad in Newcastle, Australia. This is her story.


          6-year old Sophia and 5-year old Bobby have severe hearing loss. They live with their older sister Charlotte (13), mother Cindy and father Gerald at home in Dublin, Ireland. This is their story.

          Find out more about how StorySign is helping deaf children learn to read all over the world: www.storysign.com