HUAWEI Display 23.8''

HUAWEI Display 23.8”
HUAWEI Display 23.8”
HUAWEI Display 23.8”- View

Enjoy A View That Is Both Stunning and Soothing

Colours are vivid and precise across the 1080P FullView Display, thanks to a 72% NTSC1 colour gamut and 1000:1 contrast ratio2.The display is certified by TÜV Rheinland3 for reducing harmful blue light4 and eliminating flickers, so you can enjoy the stunning view while protecting your eyes.

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- View

Low Blue Light

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- View

Flicker Free

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- View

TÜV Rheinland boasts over 140 years of quality accreditation covering 6 major professional research domains of displays, and is the leading eye comfort certification provider.

Boundless Views

Lose yourself in an endlessly immersive spectacle sharpened by 5.7 mm bezels5, and broadened by a 90% screen-to-body ratio6 and 178-degree viewing angle. No matter where you look, you'll be absorbed in your game, movie, or on-screen task.

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- wide

90% Screen-to-body Ratio

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- wide

5.7 mm

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- wide

178° Viewing Angle

Nimble, Graceful, Powerful!

Sleek and seamless when viewed from the side, the HUAWEI Display 23.8" is a wonder to behold, with symmetrical aesthetics and a streamlined rear surface. The display holder escapes notice at first glimpse, but pairs flawlessly with the slimmed-down base.

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- design

Just Adjust and Unwind

Installing the HUAWEI Display 23.8" could hardly be easier. Prefer to hang it on a wall? Not a problem, as it complies with the VESA mounting standards7. Feel free to tilt the vertical angle8 to your liking, so you'll always have the best seat in the room!

HUAWEI Display 23.8”- angle

-5° ~ 22°Vertical Tilt Angle

  1. Typical value.
  2. Typical value.
  3. The HUAWEI Display 23.8" has obtained TÜV Rheinland's Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free certifications. Low Blue Light certifies that when Eye Comfort mode is enabled, the display effects conform to a set of low-blue-light standards approved by TÜV Rheinland.
  4. The HUAWEI Display 23.8" is not a medical device, and Eye Comfort mode is not intended for treatment purposes.
  5. Data comes from HUAWEI Labs. The 5.7 mm bezel width is on three sides. Actual values depend on specific product configurations, manufacturing techniques, and measurement methods.
  6. Data comes from HUAWEI Labs, calculated by dividing the active display area by the front panel area. Actual measurement may vary slightly.
  7. The HUAWEI Display 23.8" incorporates VESA-compatible 100 mm x 100 mm mounting holes.
  8. The vertical tilt angle spans from –5 (±2) to 22 (±2) degrees. Actual usage depends on the specific product.