Surprise Mate 10 Pro delivery

London – February 17th, 2018: Huawei, the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, today surprised Joe Clayton and Brad Butcher with a special Mate 10 Pro delivery. The friends, based in Melksham, Wiltshire, made headlines last week when they managed to crack the iPhone X’s facial recognition security, rendering the software ineffective.

Joe (23) had configured his Apple device so that only his face appearing in front of the camera would unlock the screen, but was shocked when he found his friend Brad (22) had managed to unlock the device with his face, allowing him to make contactless payments and access Joe’s messages and files. On hearing of their disappointing experience, Huawei came to the rescue, gifting the friends with two Mate 10 Pro devices.

Packed with a range of features including a biometric fingerprint scanner, and powered by the Kirin 970 processor, the Mate 10 Pro harnesses the power of AI. This, combined with its Leica Dual Lens camera and powerful 4,000mAh battery, provides users with a faster, longer lasting, more secure and intuitive smartphone experience.

Joe Clayton commented: “After all the hype around the Apple iPhone X, not to mention the cost of the handset, I was pretty shocked when Brad was able to outsmart the software and access all my personal information. I’m just thanking my lucky stars it was him and not someone I don’t know! Big thanks to Huawei who have stepped in to help us avoid having this problem again!”