HUAWEI points to the future of smartphone photography


·        Less is more: 77% of people in the UK want guaranteed great photos in fewer attempts

·        Up close and personal: 84% want a smartphone camera that lets them zoom in without losing definition

·        Day to night: 81% want to be able to easily get the perfect shot in any light

·        Action-ready: more than three quarters (77%) want superfast shot capabilities

·        Huawei is committed to unlocking people’s potential through technology

Huawei, the worlds’ second largest smartphone manufacturer, today unveils what people really want from their smartphone camera.  The Europe wide study found that people are looking for the power of a DSLR in their pockets, with the ability to zoom without losing definition top of the wish list for almost a third of all people surveyed (32%).

Improved action and night photography features are also in demand. More than three quarters of people in the UK (77%) would like a camera capable of capturing superfast, sharp shots of moving objects so they never miss the action, while 81% want the ability to always get the best shot even in low light. Almost as many again (72%) would like to achieve high quality night photography without the need for a tripod.

The research shows that people want great shots, fast – more than three quarters of people (77%) want the guarantee of great photos in fewer attempts, while 67% no longer want to fiddle around to get the best setting. Over half (54%) of people want their camera to give them tips on how to improve their shots, and 70% are keen to enjoy the quality of a DSLR camera in convenient smartphone form.

Walter Ji, President of Huawei CBG Western Europe said: ‘Smartphone photography is developing very fast right now, so people are expecting more and more from their phone’s camera. At Huawei we think everyone should be able to take the photos they want – whether they’re a novice or a pro. We look forward to making that possible with the next generation of our smartphones, launching next month here in Europe.’

Please get in touch if you want to find out more about how Huawei is committed to alleviating common smartphone photography frustrations through its leading AI-powered technology.

This independent study was carried out by Lightspeed Research who surveyed 1000 nationally representative consumers across 10 European countries between the 8th and the 12th of February. Participants were asked to feedback and give their preferences on a range of smartphone functionalities.