HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, 7 of your most frequently asked questions answered

In today’s world, the mobile phone has become part of one’s everyday life. It contains one’s valuable data and information, including contacts, your schedule on the calendar, precious memories in the form of photos and videos, reminder notes, important documents and much more. With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud managing your digital life has never been easier. Let’s look at some of the questions you might have when it comes to the HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.

What if I have data stored across multiple devices?

HUAWEI Cloud makes it easy to synchronise everything from one Huawei device to all other Huawei devices. When you update your photos, contacts, notes, calendars and other data on one device, it will automatically synchronise across all your other Huawei devices. You can even manage and download your synchronised data by logging in to the HUAWEI Cloud app.

What if I forget to run a backup?

Let’s face it, nobody likes (or even remembers) to run daily backups. Fortunately, with HUAWEI Cloud, you can enable automatic daily backups while your phone, tablet, or laptop charges and is connected to a secure home or office Wi-Fi network. Even better, when using a new Huawei device, you can instantly restore your data from the cloud backup just by logging in with your HUAWEI ID.

What happens if I lose my phone?

There’s always the risk of your devices being lost or stolen with your precious memories and contact list along with it. HUAWEI Cloud has a brilliant Find My Phone feature where you can track the geographical location of your device. You can lock your device, delete data and use other security features to protect your personal data.

Will I ever run out of storage space?

The short answer is no. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud gives you a user-friendly way to view, manage and download all your digital content across all your Huawei devices. When you enable HUAWEI Cloud, you receive once off 5 GB of free storage. However, you can just as easily upgrade to additional storage space as your storage needs change. Starting at R14.99 a month for 50 GB of storage all the way up to a whopping 2 TB of storage at R149.99 a month, rest assured you will have enough space to back-up your digital memories.

How safe is my data in the HUAWEI Cloud?

Huawei takes your privacy and security very seriously. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud features nine layers of security to keep your data protected. Huawei uses global best practice when it comes to privacy safeguards to develop airtight cloud storage services.

Can I disable some of the functions?

Based on your personal preference, you can enable or disable certain HUAWEI Mobile Cloud functions. Once a HUAWEI Mobile Cloud function is disabled on one of your Huawei devices, its corresponding data will no longer be synchronized to your other Huawei devices.

For example, if you disable note synchronization on one of your Huawei devices, although you can retain your note data on a Huawei device, such data will no longer be synchronized with HUAWEI Mobile Cloud.

However, you can still view and modify your notes on HUAWEI Mobile Cloud or on other Huawei devices with such data synchronized.

Does Huawei Mobile Cloud offer rewards?

Among the many options that Huawei offers, are HUAWEI points, a form of payment that gives users alternative options to purchase various content. To start earning points, go to Settings and then to the Huawei Account. In the payments and purchases section, you will have access to the HUAWEI points.

Just below where your number of points are indicated, you will find a section called ‘Get points’ from which it will offer you options to get rewards for downloading applications. There are also some purchases that can earn you more points. By scanning the gift card code, the points are added to your account. As a user you also have the option of transferring your points from another product such as AppGallery for example and use these points to subscribe to Huawei Mobile Cloud or to renew your existing package.

What can you buy with HUAWEI points? In Huawei Mobile Cloud for example, the Huawei cloud storage app allows you to buy more space to store your content for a limited period of time. To purchase with HUAWEI points, simply select HUAWEI points as your payment option in your in-app section.

Head on over to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud today and begin your journey to the HUAWEI cloud.