A gaming explosion on AppGallery

Gaming represents a small but growing portion of consumers’ entertainment spend. It’s increasingly expanding above the best year-on-year growth rates of existing media types such as books, magazines, movies, music, and even podcasts, thanks to the high rate of smartphone penetration. Africa, as with much of the world, is increasingly mobile-first when it comes to gaming. A comparative study conducted by the National Center biotechnology information on mobile gaming worldwide, states that smartphone gaming accounts for 24% in Africa. This is expected to grow, thanks to growing number of mobile gaming titles and the emergence of ‘freemium’, non-charged games.

According to mobile game genre statistics, 58.86% of mobile gamers prefer playing casual mobile games. Of the estimated 2.7 billion mobile gamers worldwide, 56% of gamers play ten or more times weekly. A large portion of this gaming community are millennials which account for 90% of gamers. Huawei recognises this trend and as such has responded to the growing demand. AppGallery, Huawei’s app store offers gamers a massive amount of exciting mobile games to choose from. With so many great titles available, we understand it’s difficult to make a choice. You can enjoy puzzles and logically fit a variety of pieces together, sports-based games, such as soccer or golf; military and warfare games that involve fighting or car racing games. We’ve put together a review of the top titles available for download to get you started.

Top Eleven 2022 – Be the soccer manager you always dreamt of

On the spotlight is Top Eleven 2022: Be a soccer manager. No guessing what you need to do here. If you’re a fan of the riveting game, then now’s your chance to become the manager and you’re your favourite team.

Unlike many other managerial games, you get to see your tactics play out with stunning animations and immersive soccer movements. With Top Eleven you get an award-winning mobile soccer game in your pocket. Take charge of your club by signing superstar players and even designing your own stadium. Your club means your rules. Take on other soccer managers and teams from around the world in this real-time game.

You’ll be guided by the legendary José Mourinho to show you the ropes and provide insights on how to keep your club running at full speed. Choose the perfect training drills to get your squad prepped for game day while you can also collect exclusive jerseys and emblems that show off your club’s style. Get to manage your club against your friends in customisable competitions. Settle any arguments on who is the better manager as you compete for the ultimate bragging rights.

Cash Frenzy Casino– A great game for the whole family Up next is Cash Frenzy Casino, which features the most popular collection of Vegas free casino games with bonuses, straight from the slots casino. For a more immersive experience, portrait mode gives you an epic Las Vegas experience!

Shoot for the mega jackpots and collect bonuses every 15 mins for freebies. Cash Frenzy Casino also gives you free bonuses from daily tasks and enables you to win rewards from just watching ads. Keep playing, keep winning and keep the fun going!

Feeling lucky? The real-time jackpots winner report can have your name on it. Everyone can see how many coins Jackpot winners get and which slots game they are playing. Become the luckiest person and mark your name on the board with players around the world! Download now and start enjoying winning big.

Asphalt 9: Legends – Become a pro racer

If you have been itching for the thrill of racing, the Asphalt 9: Legends - Epic Arcade Car Racing Game is perfect for you. You can race, boost, drift and knock down your rivals in jacked-up real-world locations. Collect over 150 hypercars and get racing!

You can race with the most amazing speed machines handpicked among world-renowned manufacturers, like the loved Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. Upgrade their stats, pick the colour of their brake callipers or add carbon parts and more, to fully customize your rides.
When that is done, you can proceed to feel the thrill of gravity-defying tracks across 185 tracks in 13 real-world locations, such as San Francisco, Cairo or Osaka.

Fishing Clash: Fish Catching Games

Have you ever wanted to become a fish catching champion? You have your chance on Fishing Clash: Fish Catching Games. The app is a combination of the best features of multiplayer fishing games, the realism of simulator games, the competitiveness of sports games and the social aspect of fishing and hunting apps. With fishing spots from all over the world, it's the most realistic simulator amongst multiplayer fishing games.

Feel the thrill of multiplayer games and play a fishing duel against other anglers. You'll need not only skills but also your wits! Become a fishing master, get the biggest catch on your fishing hook and try win every fishing battle. You’ll enjoy the game even more when you hunt for amazing rewards like new rods, lure cards and skill tokens in daily or weekly events.

Love exhilaration? Pass the fishing trial, challenge angry sharks, become a catfish hunter or a traveller catching the biggest fish on a few different fishing spots!

These are just four of the amazing titles on offer, so download AppGallery today and many other games to keep you busy by clicking here.