Improve Your Fitness Game This Spring with Huawei AppGallery

Getting fit, healthy, and confident is not something that happens overnight. As Spring, we’ve put together some of the top apps available on the AppGallery to help keep you fit when all you want to do is stay indoors.

Home Workout – No Equipment Needed!

As the name suggests, the ‘Home Workout – No Equipment’ app is perfect for those of us without any exercise bikes, weights, skipping ropes or kettlebells at home. Get daily workout routines that target all your main muscle groups. Even better, you don’t need to exercise for hours at a time. The routines are designed to take up just a few minutes a day with you using your body weight to get fit.

It features great warm-up and stretching routines with workouts for your abs, upper body, and lower body. If you’re feeling brave, there are numerous full body sessions as well. All the exercises are designed by experts with brilliant animations and video guides, so you can make sure your form is perfect for each set and routine

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Another workout from home app, the ‘30 Day Fitness Challenge’ is designed around the concept of giving you a specific short-term target to reach your exercise goals. Designed by a professional fitness coach, the 30-day programme is scientifically proven to help improve your fitness and health.

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, the app is designed to steadily increase your intensity over the 30 days, to build confidence as you go along. It records your training progress automatically, sends you daily reminders just in case you forget to exercise and comes with detailed video guides. It even has a weight loss component built in suited for both men and women who want to shed extra kilograms.

Fasting Tracker and Intermittent Fasting

Not an exercise app, but ‘Fasting App’ provides an alternative for those not wanting to follow a traditional diet but still lose weight. Intermittent fasting has been proven to help improve weight loss. When you fast, your glycogen depletes and your body switches to ketosis. This is referred to as a ‘fat-burning mode’ which is a natural and safe way to lose weight.

There are several fasting programmes to choose from whether you’re a beginner or expert. As with anything health-related, it is always good to consult with your doctor for medical advice before beginning fasting especially if you’re pregnant, have underling health conditions, are underweight or younger than 18.

Count those calories

The ‘EasyFit’ calorie counter app tracks everything you eat, your exercises and your weight loss journey. You can easily access animated statistics and don’t have to worry about scrolling through hundreds of lists with food items. The interface is user-friendly where you can select your food and insert into the app.

The ‘EasyFit’ calorie counter app calculates all calorie estimates and has been extensively tested to produce accurate results. You can also choose any fitness goal to ensure the app tailors the content to meet your unique requirements.

There’s no reason to lay low this spring as AppGallery gives you access to all the exercise and wellbeing apps you need. Browse the AppGallery today and get your training started to confidently hit the beach this December holiday. Click here to download AppGallery and unlock a new digital world for your mobile device today!