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In an era where technology presents us with the power to manage our health, you can now take your wellbeing into your own hands. With a smart device and advanced technological capabilities, you can decrease your doctor’s visits by learning and monitoring your health from the comfort of your home.

If you are not a part of the 58 percent of people who have at least one health app on their smartphone, then perhaps you should relook this by visiting the Sports and Health category on AppGallery. Not only does AppGallery have a range of apps to choose from, but it can also be your one-way mobile health stop to looking and feeling better.

Here is a list of apps that can help you can consult to keep your body and mind revitalised.

HUAWEI Health: your integrated health and fitness companion

Huawei Health delivers a user-friendly environment where you can keep a detailed record of several things including your sleep habits, your weight, the daily calories you’ve burnt, and even your heart rate. This is the perfect companion to help you make your health a priority in today’s stressed world.

The HUAWEI Health app syncs to your Huawei smartwatch, allowing you to monitor your progress whether you are walking, running, cycling, or hitting the gym. This is the go-to, integrated health and fitness partner, and ideal if you want to kick-start your summer body or identify where you can improve your existing training programme.

To take your resting heart rate (heartbeats per minute measured when you’re awake, still, and calm) is a very user-friendly process. Open the HUAWEI Health app, click on ‘Devices’ then your device name, go to ‘Health monitoring’ > ‘Continuous heart rate monitoring,’ and enable it. The device will then measure your resting heart rate automatically. After you start a workout using your watch, your watch will vibrate to alert you that your heart rate value has exceeded the upper limit for more than 60 seconds.

Another important feature of HUAWEI Health is helping you measure your blood oxygen level. This is a measure of how much oxygen red blood cells are carrying through arteries. Effectively, it’s an indicator of how well your body distributes oxygen from the lung to the cells.

Medication Reminder: never skip an important dosage

If you are feeling under the weather, be it suffering from flu or environmental allergies and require a reminder to take your medication, then no need to worry further. You can avoid this challenge by downloading the Medication Reminder for all your medication reminders and you’ll be notified with an alert, at time intervals you specify.

Thanks to this app, you will never miss an important daily dosage, no matter the complexity of your treatment. To make it simpler to use, you can colour code the types of medication you need to take, within every hour.

To have an extensive overview of the day, the Medication Reminder gives you an indication of how much medication you need to take, the order in which you need to take it and the times. Even more convenient for you is the feature that allows you to find the nearest pharmacy.

What are you waiting for? Download the Medication Reminder and improve your health with every notification.

Fasting App: intermittent fasting for increased health benefits

If you are wanting to lose a few kilograms, you can do so with the help of the Fasting App. With intermittent fasting known as one of the ideal and proven ways to help people burn body fat reserves and start the process of regeneration and detoxing – you too can simply download this easy-to-follow app and reap the benefits of what it has to offer you.

The added benefits of this form of fasting includes controlling blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, boosting your growth hormone, and increasing the metabolism.

Within a week’s use you can feel like a healthier version of yourself, thanks to the app’s features that has various intermittent fasting meal plans for, has daily notifications and reminders and science-based articles about fasting.

By using this app, there’s no need to count calories intake which can be very complex and unmanageable. Losing weight can become now even easier!

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