Version No. V8.0.1.302_OVE,2018.08.30
  • 1 . More stable connection.
Version No. V8.0.1.300_OVE,2018.06.01
  • 1 . Adds support for the encryption and backing up of photos, videos, recordings, and documents.
  • 2 . Optimizes the transmission speed of photos and videos.
  • 3 . Optimizes the backup data selection page.
Version No. V5.0.2.301_OVE, 2017.08.01
  • 1 . Image import and export speed increased about 2 times.
  • 2 . Video import and export speed increased about 2.5 times.
  • 3 . Fixed a problem that could not be installed on some devices.
  • 4 . Fixed some other bugs.
Version No. V5.0.2.300_OVE, 2017.04.28
  • 1 . Newly adapted EMUI5.0 style, better visual experience.
  • 2 . Update the USB driver.
  • 3 . Bug fixes.
Version No. V5.0.1.300_OVE, 2016.12.22
  • 1 . Fixed problems when using system update upgrade to Android7.0 version.
  • 2 . Other bug fixes.
Version No. V5.0.0.301_OVE, 2016.10.20
  • 1 . For EMUI5.0 system, support system upgrade check, upgrade more secure.
  • 2 . Bug fixes and improvements.
Version No. V4.0.7.300_OVE, 2016.08.30
  • 1 . Fixed prompt wrong password bug when data recovery.
  • 2 . Other bug fixes.
Version No., 2016.06.15
  • 1. Fixed display issues in some of the system languages.
  • 2. Fixed the bugs of searching function in Contacts
Version No., 2016.3.29
  • 1. The new interface design, functional modules fully reconstructed.
  • 2. Outlook contacts and calendar synchronization.
  • 3. Data backup supports more types.
  • 4. Full-screen presentation function.
  • 5. Export pictures.
  • 6. Update backup interface.
Version No., 2015.5.20
  • 1. Optimized the proxy server Internet access settings for Internet Explorer.
  • 2. Restored the ability to delete backup files directly from the UI.
  • 3. Optimized the performance of deleting a large amount of contacts.
  • 4. Fixed the issue of garbled characters in the .csv files containing exported contacts and messages.
  • 5. Fixed display issues in some of the system languages.
  • 6. Fixed the update failure issue on the MediaPad X1.
  • 7. Fixed the display issue of the HiSuite icon in the notification panel of Huawei P8.
Version No. 2.3.50, 2015.4.1
  • 1. Improved the stability of connections between HiSuite and your device.
  • 2. Fixed the issue where the font size is large at certain screen resolutions.
  • 3. Fixed the issue where the number of ungrouped contacts is not updated after a customized group is deleted.
  • 4. Fixed the issue where the file names are inconsistent between duplicate exports of photos and videos.
  • 5. Fixed the process exceptions that occur when HiSuite exits.
  • 6. Fixed the issue where app download fails when you touch an app for consecutive times in the App Center.
  • 7. Fixed the display exceptions with the application management page in certain cases.
  • 8. Fixed the issue where the storage capacity information is not displayed properly on the home page.
Version No. 2.3.42, 2015.2.3
  • 1. Support for displaying SIM card contacts.
  • 2. Support for editing contact photo.
  • 3. Optimized contacts sorting.
  • 4. Support for importing messages to the device.
  • 5. Support for displaying pictures in different directories.
  • 6. Optimized the displaying of device capacity.
  • 7. Added application install entrance and exporting function.
  • 8. Optimized the user interface.
Version No. 2.3.35, 2014.12.15
  • 1. A complete refresh of the user interface.
  • 2. Added new contact and message management features.
  • 3. Added new image and video management features.
Version No., 2013.7.15
  • 1. Wi-Fi connection is improved so that users can use HiSuite more easily.
  • 2. Support for Emotion UI FWVGA and help manual are newly added.
  • 3. Optimize the contact management features.
  • 4. Modify some bugs of modules,such as device connection, music, application management, image cropping, etc.
Version No., 2013.6.4
  • 1. Functions, such as backup and restore for multimedia, are optimized, and reminder for data restore among different devices is newly added.
  • 2. Process of device connection is optimized, and functions like USB / Wi-Fi disconnection is newly added.
  • 3. Security of Wi-Fi connection is improved and the repeated use of security code during Wi-Fi connection is prohibited.
  • 4. Display problem on Outlook during synchronization is modified.
  • 5. Support for Emotion UI FHD is newly added.
Version No., 2013.3.18
  • 1. Added support for MMS and the scheduling function.
  • 2. Optimized Wi-Fi connections to better secure data transmissions.
Version No., 2012.12.31
  • 1. Added support for backup and recovery for camera photos, camera videos, and audio recordings.
  • 2. Added support for contact group synchronization between computer and device.
  • 3. Added the APK association function.
  • 4. Added support for Windows 8.
Version No. V1., 2012.12.6
  • Added support for contact group synchronization between computer and device.
  • Added APK associated function.
  • Added themes of EmotionUI edit function.
  • Added server of drive.
Version No., 2012.09.29
  • User authentication added in Wi-Fi connection mode to improve system security.
  • Improved device connection success rate.
  • Fixed the data backup issue on Emotion UI firmware.
  • Fixed the contact creation issue on HiSuite for phones running Android 4.1.
  • Optimized the calendar synchronization module.
  • Fixed the screenshot display issue.
  • Added support for automatically attaching logs to feedback emails.
Version No., 2012.08.28
  • Revised the message displayed when the SD card does not have sufficient space for file transfer.
  • Fixed string display issues in some languages.
  • Fixed the data loss issue ocurring after contacts import or export.
  • Fixed the issue that songs sometimes cannot be added to a playlist.
  • Fixed the disconnection issue when the picture to be transferred is too large.
Version No., 2012.05.16
  • Support for Android 4.0.
  • Device firmware upgrade feature added.
  • MTP file management functions added.
  • FTP file management functions deleted.
  • Online application update feature added.
  • Import of contacts from iPhone, Nokia devices, and Gmail to a Huawei device added.
  • Support for new languages including Arabic, Malay, Persian, and Thai.
  • Support for mobile phones with dual SIM cards.
  • Optimized contacts and calendar recovery feature (support for cross-account recovery).
  • Optimized installation and uninstallation procedures.
Version No., 2011.10.26
  • Support for Auto-connect device to PC through USB
  • Support for setup language to handle Auto-Adapt based on OS-Language
  • Support for displaying contacts Middle Name
  • Support for Internal & External SD card
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore function to support Bookmarks, Alarms, Call logs, Notepad, Email Accounts
  • Fixed Auto-Update Daemon issue
  • Optimized Start-up speed
  • Optimized Refresh performance issue, in case of large number of Contacts and Messages
  • Support for more languages up to 40 languages
Version No., 2011.7.21
  • Support for Pictures Management
  • Support for SD Card File Management
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore function to support APK backup and restore
Version No., 2011.5.11
  • Support Connection Wizard
  • Support for Feature Driver Install
  • Added Refresh button for Contacts
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Anti-virus software
  • Fixed blank screen-shot problem for U9000
  • Deleted Sorting by First Name and Sorting by Last Name;Default sorting method is now based on Full Name
Version No., 2011.3.26
  • Support for Music Management
  • Support for Wi-Fi connection
  • Support for Android 2.3
  • Supported more languages including English, French, German, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), Spanish(Colombia),
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore to support additional types Contacts, Calendar, Short Message, System Settings
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