Revolutionary ARM Cortex A73 CPU, with a four-core A73 2.4GHz and four-core A53 1.8GHz CPU, delivering 18% faster performance.*

*compared to Kirin 950

Ground-breaking Mali-G71 octa-core GPU increases performance by 180%*

*compared to Kirin 950

New LPDDR4 RAM that propels frequency up by 40%*

*compared to Kirin 950

New UFS 2.1 flash memory with data transfer speeds that are 100% faster than eMMC 5.1.**

**based on Huawei lab test result comparing against HUAWEI Mate 8

The Vulkan graphics library produces double the frame rate for greater detail and seamless gaming.***

***compared to OpenGL

Say goodbye to lagging performance. HUAWEI’s cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithm delivers consistent performance by automatically prioritizing CPU, RAM and ROM resources based on user habits.

Smart anticipation

The HUAWEI Mate 9 automatically learns user habits to build app priority. The system anticipates the user’s next moves to prepare resources in advance. This process is run on the phone, not the cloud for better performance and privacy protection.

Smart resource allocation

The HUAWEI Mate 9 automatically manages resources by prioritizing CPU, RAM and ROM for optimal performance and closes memory intensive background apps. Within the CPU, fine-grained scheduling maximizes computing efficiency. For RAM, it automatically recycles memory resources, creating more memory for priority apps and enabling stutter-free performance. And for ROM, it opens an exclusive channel of Storage I/O making the apps you use the most work even faster.

Android core components optimization

The new F2FS file system improves the I/O storage performance. This speeds up the database engine allowing pictures to load more smoothly. The optimized performance of the rendering engine gives better control and a faster reaction to your touch.