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      Beyond Speed

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro huawei-5g-cpe-pro

      Balong 5000, the World-leading 5G Chipset

      Balong 5000, the world's first 7nm multi-mode 5G chipset, enables up to 2.3 Gbps* of download speeds. Fast speed beyond your imagination.

      *Data from HUAWEI laboratories. The actual speed may vary depending on network conditions and internet data plans.

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro-balong5000-cpu huawei-5g-cpe-pro-balong5000-cpu

      Plug and Play,
      Enjoy New Gigabit Broadband Effortlessly

      Powered by Balong 5000, the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro makes it possible to enjoy ultra-fast broadband connections with 5G SIM card.* Designed to be lightweight and portable, it can be carried anywhere you want easily and enables you access networks more freely.

      *Inquire to internet providers about 5G SIM card.

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro-wireless-optical-broadband huawei-5g-cpe-pro-wireless-optical-broadband

      Specially Designed for Better Signal Reception

      To capture signals more rapidly, we developed the dual X full sub-6 GHz antennas which are small in size, but have high signal sensitivity. The dual-polarized balun antennas ensure 360° coverage. No matter how you place your HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro, signals will be received successfully.

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro-strongest-signal huawei-5g-cpe-pro-strongest-signal

      5G / 4G / Fix-line Networks, Speed Accelerated

      The HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro supports both 4G / 5G networks and fix-line networks. You will get more stable and fast Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stream a 4K video without lag.*

      *Based on tests by HUAWEI laboratories.


      Stay Connected with the Smart dual-band Wi-Fi

      Thanks to our smart dual-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi coverage of the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro is extented in both vertical and horizontal directions. Streaming videos upstairs or Skyping from your garden office is easier than ever.

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro-support-wifi6 huawei-5g-cpe-pro-support-wifi6

      Perfect for Small Businesses

      In addition to homes, the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro can also be used by small and medium enterprises for super-fast and simplified network access.

      Simplified Networking: VPN -- L2TP, PPTP, IPsec protocol.
      Easy to build VPN client / VPN Passthrough mode. *Some VPN functions require a customised version to achieve. IPv6 -- IPv6 / IPv4 Dual stack
      Remote management: TR-069 protocol. SME IT engineers can remotely manage and control devices on the network.

      huawei-5g-cpe-pro-soho-broadband-best-partner huawei-5g-cpe-pro-soho-broadband-best-partner

      HUAWEI SmartHome App

      Huawei SmartHome APP delivers a one-stop new experience in router and smart home devices management.


      Traffic settings


      Parental control


      Wi-Fi settings


      Prioritez 5 GHz


      Guest Wi-Fi


      HiLink & WPS