Postal Repair Service

What is HUAWEI Postal Service?

To provide convenience to Huawei customers, HUAWEI offers Postal Repair service, which is a free pickup and delivery service to repair your device.

Why do you need Postal Service?

The Postal Repair service is intended to provide Huawei customers with convenient courier services. This also helps to save time for repair services whilst eliminating waiting time needed for repair. Also it is beneficial in reducing cost of transport.

How to use the Postal Repair Service?

If you wish to request a repair service, simply follow the steps below.

Back up your data

Before requesting for the postal repair service, you should back up and delete all personal data, passwords. Please refer to Backup and Restore procedures (Back up & Restore).

Call the Hotline

Contact the call center at 011-2423017 to arrange for a courier company to pick up the device from your preferred location. Upon which you will receive a proof of acceptance from the courier company. You may contact the Hotline on working days from 09.00 hrs. to 21.00 hrs. Please provide the following details when requested.
- Name -
- Contact telephone number
- Pickup address
- Delivery address
- Device serial number / IMEI Number
- Defect details

Handover instruction

Please pack your device in the original box in a way to prevent any transit damages and make sure to obtain a proof of collection from the courier company.

Repair process

All devices will be repaired free of charge which receives under warranty. Any devices that does not fulfil warranty conditions, will incur a repair cost including the prices for spare parts. Please click here to know the spare prices and click to know the HUAWEI warranty policy. Service center will inform the repair progress via the provided contact number.

Receive your device

After your device has been repaired and checked for use by a skilled technician, it will be sent to your delivery address via courier.
Please contact us, for any further clarifications.